The table below shows Gore part number drawings that users frequently view.

Cable Type/ProtocolConstructionGore Part Number
Shielded Twisted PairSingle Pair (20 to 32 AWG)DXN2600, DXN2601, DXN2602, DXN2603, DXN2604, DXN2605
CAN BusSingle Pair (24 AWG)GSC-03-85752-24D
Ethernet (Cat5e/Cat6A)4 Pairs (24 to 28 AWG)RCN8966-24, RCN8966-26, RCN9034-24, RCN9034-28, RCN9047-26
Ethernet (Cat5e)2 Pairs (24 & 26 AWG)RCN9133-24, RCN9133-26
FireWire® (IEEE 1349b)Quadrax (24 & 26 AWG)RCN8647, RCN8652
HDMI (2.0)HybridRCN9121


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Not for use in food, drug, cosmetic or medical device manufacturing, processing, or packaging operations.