GORE™ Cable Protection Systems for Civil Aircraft

With a high level of crush and abrasion resistance, Gore’s cable systems durably protect copper wires and fiber optics, so they don't get damaged in extreme aircraft environments. Our cable systems also have a compact design that makes routing fast and easy for less maintenance and overall costs.

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Download our full catalog of high data rate solutions for civil and defense aircraft. Technical information includes cable properties/characteristics, applications, qualifications, performance data, cable preparation, connector options, and ordering information.

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Copper wires and fiber optics installed in commercial airplanes are often exposed to harsh environments, like difficult routing and extreme temperatures. OEMs and system suppliers are now demanding more protection for wires and fiber, so they don't get damaged and fail in these environments. But, they also want to package them in a compact cable system for easy installation in high-speed data transmission and IFE backbones where there's limited space in airplanes.

High Level of Protection

Built with materials that are extremely resistant to crushing and abrasion, GORE Cable Protection Systems provide some of the highest levels of durability available on the market today. Copper and fiber can float freely within these cable systems without getting damaged during complex routing in cable runs and sharp edges in airframes. They can also easily handle environmental extremes during flights, plus corrosive chemicals and fluids typically used in the industry.

Easy & Fast Installation

Our cable protection systems are also a great deal smaller and lighter with more flexibility and a tighter bend radius. In fact, our specialized design is bend-limiting, so installers can route copper and fiber without exceeding the minimum bend radius, which means they don't have to worry about over-bending or breaking them. Installers will also find it much easier and faster to route cables packaged with our protection systems in crowded airframe areas, which means less time and money for maintenance.


GORE Cable Protection Systems provides OEMs and system suppliers with many benefits that improve mechanical performance such as:

  • increased durability for enhanced protection against extreme aircraft environments
  • enable copper/fiber to move freely within the cable system, eliminating damage during routing
  • specialized design allows for easy routing without exceeding the minimum bend radius
  • rapid installation due to compact systems with greater flexibility and tighter bend radius
  • long lifespan due to unique construction with approved aerospace materials

For more information about the benefits of our cable protection systems, please contact a Gore representative


These values demonstrate the mechanical and environmental performance of GORE Cable Protection Systems.

Mechanical / Environmental Properties Value
Jacket Material ePTFE / PTFE
Jacket Color Black and Purple
Temperature Range (°C) -65 to +200
BSS7239 and ABD0031 (AITM 3.005): Toxicity Pass
FAR PART 25, Appendix F, Part 1, BSS7230, and ABD0031 (AITM 2.0005): Flammability Pass
FAR PART 25, Appendix F, Part V, BSS7238, and ABD0031 (AITM 3.0008B): Smoke Density Pass
SAE AS81914™ /1-6: Tubing, Plastic, Flexible, Convoluted, Conduit, General Specification Pass



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