Smartphones are an essential item for most everyone. They instantly connect us to our families, friends and the rest of the world, wherever we are. But with this power comes a risk: If our phones stop working because we spill water on them or drop them in the sand, we lose our instant connection to other people and to information available online.

Other mobile electronics, like tablets and wearables, are gaining in popularity. Smartwatches are also getting popular and essential to day-to-day living as smartphones are today.

To make sure consumers can keep depending on their mobile electronics, the devices need protection. That’s what Gore provides.

Proven Protection from Water and More

As consumers rely more on smartphones 24/7, the need for enhanced water resistance has become even greater.

Based on a recent survey, 82% of consumers are concerned about protecting phones from water damage and 74% believe improved water resistance in their next phone is key. After price and brand, a water resistance feature would drive more purchases than any other attribute.*

With our latest innovations, like Series GAW342 and Series GAW344, smartphones can be protected from water as deep as 5 meters for as long as 30 minutes and wearables as deep as 50 meters for 10 minutes which is superior to the competition and decreases the number of defective products produced. Gore also can tailor this material around the desired functionality to repel water, sweat, cleaning solutions and low surface tension liquids like detergent and oils without sacrificing acoustic performance.

Despite our vents’ protective barrier, sounds like voices and music can pass through unencumbered. When designing vents, manufacturers have to consider both protection and sound quality; they may need to compromise one to bolster the other. Gore provides the best combination in the mobile electronics industry, offering superior protection without compromising sound quality, and vice versa.

Unlike many vent providers, we don’t just hand over a membrane; we consult with our customers. What’s the optimal size and shape of a vent? Or the optimal distance between our vent and the speaker or microphone? These are the questions we ask to ensure electronics manufacturers deliver the best device protection and sound quality possible.

As voice recognition becomes more prevalent in mobile electronics, as HD voice recognition grows in importance, and as consumers continue to expect their mobile devices to be nearly water resistance, more electronics will require high-fidelity audio and high-quality venting solutions, like those provided by Gore.

*Source: Gore Smartphone Consumer Perceptions Research – Aug 2019

A Call for Quickness

The mobile electronics industry has a short product life cycle. Gore supports this need for quickness with a fast-response design process. We have the ability to build prototypes, test them, and release products in just a few months. After release, we support our customers with a team of experts in acoustics, mechanics and production. 

Evolving with the Industry

Gore’s first entered the mobile electronics industry with solutions for two-way radios. In mission-critical military and first-responder operations, our acoustic vents protect the radios from dirt, dust and liquids; equalize pressure when materials inside the radios outgas; and ensure high-quality acoustics.

A few years later, we became a pioneer in providing the acoustic and pressure vents for smartphones we’re now known for globally.

Now, while continuing to provide solutions for two-way radios and smartphones — along with headsets, cameras, handheld computer scanners and other mobile devices — we’ve lent our materials expertise to a new market: wearables. 

As the wearables market grows, we continually innovate with our vents, ensuring that people communicating by watch, earpiece or other wearable technology can get their messages across, loud and clear.

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