Efficiency drives today’s power suppliers as they look to meet environmental regulations and increase productivity and profits. Gore supplies solutions in filtration, sealing, venting and more to help power suppliers reduce their carbon footprint and meet their business goals.

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The nature of energy is changing.

Natural gas is more potent and popular than ever; it burns cleanly, reduces carbon dioxide emissions, and supports power grids that are relied on as dependable power sources.

Meanwhile, renewable sources — like wind and solar energy — are growing in popularity. Especially given recent legislative acts like the Clean Power Plan in the U.S., power suppliers are looking to renewable sources to meet environmental regulations. But renewable energy has its business perks, as well: Renewable power generators are easy to turn on and off and can therefore be depended on to supply power when needed. Even when the sun isn’t shining or the wind isn’t blowing, grid operators can draw from energy reserves like hydroelectric and natural gas sources.

As much as environmental regulations are causing power suppliers to turn increasingly to new sources of energy, the underlying driver of their business decisions is efficiency. Whether they’re operating natural gas, renewable or coal-fired power generators, power suppliers all want to be the most efficient producer of power in the world. Efficiency means cost savings — and as public utilities, regulated suppliers pass on their cost savings to their customers in the form of reduced rates. Additionally, efficient processes and products could reduce CO2 emissions — for instance, by reducing fuel consumption — aligning power plants with the environmental regulations they need to meet.

Industrial baghouse

Efficiency can reduce CO2 emissions and increase profits over time.

Consumers rely on electricity at home, at work and in public spaces. Behind that electricity are important choices power suppliers must make to deliver power efficiently and reliably.

What Gore Offers

At Gore, we provide products and partnership that help power suppliers meet environmental regulations and their business goals.

Our power and utilities offerings begin with our robust product line, which is rooted in Gore’s fluoropolymer expertise — particularly related to expanded PTFE, a highly versatile material with inherent attributes of high porosity, resistance to chemicals and extreme temperatures, and high tensile strength and durability. Because of these attributes, and our expertise in manipulating the materials to suit each application, our power and utilities solutions — spanning filtration, sealing, venting and fabrics — deliver efficiency in use, long lifetimes and cost-effectiveness over time.

We stand by the performance of our products, especially because we only supply the solutions that best fit their applications. Our partnership begins with our in-house application engineers, who have expertise specific to power and utilities operations. When we audit power plants and suppliers for potential solutions we can offer, we don’t just audit the components our products will replace; we audit the entire system, ensuring that we provide counsel and products that help our customers throughout their production chain and truly help improve their processes.

Solution: Filtration

Gore has been a key filtration partner across industries since the 1970s. In the past decade, as the power and utilities industry has shifted its focus to energy-efficient processes, we’ve provided filtration solutions that enable natural-gas-powered turbines to run more efficiently, use less fuel, and produce fewer emissions.

When sub-micron particles, liquids and salt enter engines, they can block cooling passages, erode blades, and cause hot gas corrosion — and, ultimately, reduce power output by up to 5%. GORE® Turbine Filters block more than 99.5% of particulates from entering gas turbines and run continuously for two to four years with no threat of being shut off for repairs or replacements.

We also serve coal-fired plants as they look to meet environmental regulations. GORE™ Mercury Control System for Coal-Fired Utilities is a fixed sorbent system for capturing elemental and oxidized gas phase mercury from industrial flue gas — crucial given that coal plants must follow strict emissions regulations. Our modules continuously capture mercury for years at a time without requiring any adjustment, regeneration or replacement.

Another filtration offering is used at another source of power generation: municipal waste incinerators. The GORE® REMEDIA® Catalytic Filtration System is designed to help incinerator plants meet or exceed dioxin regulations by converting dioxins and furans into harmless components, thus reducing emissions. When compared to PAC systems, REMEDIA works at the same efficiency while reducing total dioxin and furan emissions to the environment — including release of both gas and solids from the baghouse — by more than 90%.

Over time, filtered particulates and reduced emissions add up. Gore’s solutions are built for the long haul, delivering financial and fuel savings over time.

Solution: Sealants

The noxious chemicals and other contaminants involved in power generation need to be securely sealed. If sealing solutions aren’t stable — for instance, if a process component is impaired by the extreme temperatures present at power plants — leaked chemicals could endanger the environment and workers in the area, leading to lags in production and profit losses.

At Gore, our goal is to keep that from happening to power suppliers. Our sealants for industrial applications are chemically inert and have low creep — maintaining a strong seal despite the materials and environments to which they’re exposed. Our sealing solutions can also withstand temperatures from -450° F to 600° F, which other sealants might weaken or need to be replaced after prolonged exposure to those extreme temperatures.

An example is GORE® Gasket Tape Series 500, a 100% ePTFE tape used to seal large and/or non-standard steel flanges. The tape can be quickly installed and, because it’s highly resistant to creep, it minimizes the need to retorque — leading to reduced downtime and improved productivity over time.

Solutions Across the Industry

Gore’s capabilities extend far beyond filtration and sealing solutions, and we contribute our technological expertise to the power and utilities industry in a number of ways. Some of our additional solutions include:

  • Protective Vents for Solar Energy Systems, which block contaminants like dirt, sand and dust from entering electronic enclosures while allowing gas molecules to pass through, preventing gas buildup.
  • Fuel cell components in the form of membrane electrode assemblies, which facilitate the electrochemical conversion of hydrogen and oxygen into energy used to heat and power homes.
  • GORE® Chemical Splash Fabric, which protects against incidental contact with chemicals while allowing normal range of motion to not hinder productivity.
  • GORE® PYRAD® Flame Retardant, a self-extinguishing raincoat with antistatic that protects against heat and fire while also allowing for flexibility on the job.

The working world relies on the energy generated by power plants. Even small process components can have a lasting impact on how that energy is generated — how much it costs suppliers to support, how much it winds up costing consumers, and how much harmful emissions are released into the environments. At Gore, we’re equally committed to environmental responsibility and efficient, high-performance products that help our customers meet their bottom lines while they deliver the energy we depend on every day.

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