With continued advancements in defense aviation and next-generation aircraft, manufacturers need trusted technology partners who deliver precise solutions, longevity, and weight and cost savings in military and aerospace applications.

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Mission success starts here with innovative solutions from W. L. Gore & Associates. Our products have been proven reliable, weigh less, remain in service longer, require less maintenance and save on replacement costs.

Technological advancements in the aerospace industry have led to more power and signal capacity in avionics. Sealants are also expected to protect aircraft structures from mechanical and environmental damage throughout many missions. Growing in priority are slender, lighter-weight cables and materials to expedite routing, increase payload, and save maintenance and fuel burn costs.

Performing Under the Most Extreme Conditions

Gore maintains global testing facilities to evaluate the performance of our defense products and ensure their reliability in aircraft applications. Delivering three areas of expertise — digital and microwave signal analysis, environmental and stress testing, and electromagnetic compatibility — we optimize signal integrity and other important parameters for our products.

We engineer our military electronic components with robust insulation materials that withstand the mechanical, electrical and environmental stress of maintenance and flight operations. Resistant to abrasion and cut-through, they can be routed easily during installation. During use, our defense cables and assemblies deliver non-stop signal transmission with low skew and optimal shielding, while our sealants effectively protect aircraft structures from moisture and corrosion. Our military products are built with expanded PTFE and demonstrate its unique characteristics to keep our products from reacting to broad temperature ranges and harsh contaminants used in aircraft. In a cost-sensitive environment, maintenance, repair and overhaul criteria are essential to reduce life-cycle costs and increase affordability.

Each additional pound or kilogram of weight on aircraft can reduce payload, decrease fuel efficiency and increase operating costs. At Gore, we’re careful that the military materials used in our products are considerably smaller, thinner and lighter. Some of our products are up to 60% lighter than competitors. These fluoropolymer technologies allow us to deliver durable, compact solutions unrivaled by other defense suppliers of electronic components.

Power Wires & Data Cables

Compact, routable wires and cables ensure power is distributed, data and video are transferred, cockpit displays are crystal clear and critical military aircraft systems talk to each other.

GORE® Aerospace High Speed Data Cables transfer fast data and video over long distances on modern airborne digital networks. For instance, our fiber optic and Ethernet cables provide several durable configurations that maintain secure signal transmission. Our specialty quadrax cables transmit bi-directional signals in AESA (active electronically scanned arrays) and flight control systems, while our HDMI cables can be found in glass cockpits.

Gore’s military-grade electronic components in the UH-60 Blackhawk.

Since the 1990s, our MIL-STD-1760 assemblies have guaranteed safe store operations and disconnect loads on many defense airborne systems. When it comes to the emerging electric aviation market, our high-performance aerospace wires offer long-term durability and higher voltages in a low-profile design.

As for today’s enduring fleet and next-gen rotorcraft, we look forward to collaborating with Future Vertical Lift Program stakeholders to solve their operational challenges.

Gore’s products simplify routing and reduce aircraft weight while delivering mechanical integrity and electrical reliability in the most challenging maintenance and airborne environments.

Microwave Cable Assemblies

Our solutions enable pilots and other flight personnel to better scan for threats in airborne electronic surveillance, various warning systems, and SATCOM and navigation systems.

Durable and lightweight, GORE-FLIGHT Microwave Assemblies are a fit-and-forget airframe solution, while our line of microwave/RF assemblies bring high flexibility and stable performance in general-purpose test and interconnect applications. When you want accurate, repeatable measurements, GORE® PHASEFLEX® Microwave/RF Test Assemblies maintain high performance in 5G test systems, network analyzers and other aircraft test systems.

Aircraft Sealants

Approved for use on multiple defense aircraft, GORE® SKYFLEX® Aerospace Materials solve many airframe sealing and surface protection challenges. They protect aircraft panels, fuel tanks, floorboards and windshields against moisture and corrosion. Dry and lightweight, our tapes and gaskets also make installation and maintenance easier, reduce downtime and save overall costs.

A Long History in Defense Aerospace

Gore’s military & aerospace electronics in the fifth-gen F-35 fighter jet.

Gore’s track record in the defense aerospace industry dates back to 1958 when we prototyped designs of fluorocarbon-insulated wires and ribbon cables for use in defense aircraft. Since then, our product portfolio has expanded significantly to meet current and future defense aviation needs and aircraft requirements. Today, our solutions seal airframes against moisture and corrosion and ensure power and signal transmission in critical systems while meeting current military standards for electronics components. We’re proud that our cables and materials have been featured in every major defense aircraft from the cockpit to the tail, including the latest fifth-generation F-35 fighter jet.

Get Started with Gore's Defense Cables & Materials

For the defense aerospace sector, W. L. Gore & Associates has proven to be a trusted partner delivering reliable solutions that withstand high-pressure aircraft environments with long-lasting performance. Find out how our solutions can meet your specific aircraft application needs and requirements now and in the future by contacting a Gore specialist today.

If you’re ready to order our in-stock products, contact an authorized distributor for wires and cables, microwave/RF assemblies or aircraft sealants.

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