See product demos & features that solve mission challenges & provide peace of mind

Stop by Booth 1218 and learn how GORE® Cables and Materials perform reliably despite Army airframe and aviation challenges. During the event, we’ll feature:

Join Gore for Happy Hour on 4/25/24 at the Army Aviation Mission Solutions Summit (AAAA).
  1. Durability Drop Test: Fiber Optic Cables
  2. Abrasion Resistance Test: High-Performance Wires
  3. Installation Simulator Demo: GORE-FLIGHT® Microwave Assemblies
  4. Wing Gasket & Leading-Edge Tape Installation: GORE® SKYFLEX® Aerospace Materials

Connect with our industry specialists to discuss your latest airframe and aviation systems. Let’s collaborate to deliver solutions that ensure mission success and protect our aircrew.

Solutions for Future Vertical Lift

Learn more about our role in replacing aging rotary-wing aircraft with the latest next-gen options. And find out how our wires, cables, sealants and product innovations can help meet your aviation needs now and in the future.

At Gore, we’re committed to ensuring mission success, survivability and safety by delivering solutions that the Army can rely on and trust. And we’re honored that OEMs have specified and used our solutions in many rotorcraft over the years, like the Apache, Black Hawk, Chinook, Seahawk and other leading platforms.

GORE® Cables and Materials for defense helicopters.

Visit Gore’s Booth 1218 to see our solutions for the Army. For more information about the summit, visit the AAAA website.


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