Visit Gore booth 730 at the 2024 International Microwave Symposium (IMS).

Trust your test results & avionics with Gore interconnects

Visit our Booth 730 at the 2024 International Microwave Symposium (IMS) to find out how our portfolio of our microwave/RF assemblies can help improve test outcomes and aircraft electronics. Our in-booth simulators prove it! Watch in real-time how much electrical stability our assemblies retain.

  • Flex-Life Simulator: See GORE® PHASEFLEX® Microwave/RF Test Assemblies go through thousands of continuous flex cycles and demanding bends over the course of the symposium.
  • Airframe Installation Simulator: Watch us route GORE-FLIGHT® Microwave Assemblies through access holes with offset edges, an abrasion bar with sharp edges, torque-inducing guides and around tight mandrels.

Reserve your time slot now to meet with one of our specialists at the symposium and discuss your latest test equipment or aircraft electronic system and challenges. Let’s work together to deliver solutions that guarantee you can always trust the test results and ensure successful flights for peace of mind.

Proven Performance with Durability, Precision & Reliability

See our entire portfolio of GORE® Microwave/RF Assemblies proven in many applications across several industries — test and measurement, aerospace, spaceflight and defense. 

All are designed to deliver durability, precision and reliability in the most demanding environments from DC to 110 GHz, including 5G and mmWave frequencies. We offer a wide range of small-diameter assemblies in low-loss constructions with a variety of connector options to meet your exact application needs.

For more information about the symposium, visit the IMS website.


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