From the first moon landing to today’s commercial airlines, Gore provides products and partnership to the aerospace industry.

Gore’s commitment to innovation is based on a thorough understanding of materials and how they interact with their environment — with the result of reliable products for the aerospace industry. Gore’s products meet the industry’s unique challenges that include reducing downtime for maintenance, decreasing operating costs, improving pilot communication, and providing protection and comfort for flight and ground personnel.

What “quality” means, to us and for you

Gore products have been instrumental in the success of the Phoenix Mars Lander, the International Space Station, and hundreds of satellite and aerospace applications. Gore fibers have been woven into the outer layer of astronauts' space suits since the first space shuttle mission. With this foundation, Gore continues to develop reliable, time-tested, and proven solutions for the most challenging aerospace applications.

  • Aerospace materials, including sealant tapes and gaskets, protect aircraft panels, fuel tanks, floorboards, and windshields from moisture and corrosion.
  • Smaller, lighter-weight cables and cable assemblies can reduce mass and simplify routing while delivering electrical and mechanical integrity in the most challenging applications.
  • Electronic materials enhance the performance of sophisticated electrical systems and simplify product design.
GORE® Spaceflight Microwave/RF Assemblies
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Spaceflight Microwave/RF Assemblies

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