As everyday devices become increasingly connected, Gore provides manufacturers with technology partnership and a portfolio of products that keep signals strong, devices protected, and consumers plugged in.

We live in a connected world. Throughout the day, we engage with a number of Internet-based systems — and they’re not just on our computers. From smart thermostats to voice-controlled entertainment systems, our everyday devices have wireless capabilities enabling us to track and control them remotely. Even our running shoes can log our miles; our vehicles can now drive themselves. Like the invention of the car a century ago, the Internet of Things has ushered in a new era of consumer convenience, making us more enabled than ever before.

Once a novelty, these devices are now an expected part of our daily lives. Across consumer markets, we expect to have access to smart technology in the products we buy. And when we do purchase those products, we expect them to keep us connected at all times.

These are great expectations to pin on today’s product manufacturers. Innovate or be left behind; work reliably or be discarded and discredited. To meet those expectations, manufacturers need technology partners who can enable and protect connectivity in their devices — partners who can deliver equipment that’s high-tech and low-cost, and which uses fewer, and more lightweight, materials for additional cost savings. Above all, manufacturers need reliable partners to help them navigate technological trends and deliver products consumers will want to use every day.

A Partner in Adaptation and Reliability

Gore is a technology-driven global enterprise. As technology has grown and changed over the decades, we’ve helped top-tier manufacturers adapt with our evolving expertise and wide-ranging portfolio of reliable products.

Spanning venting, cables and filtration, our technology solutions provide top-to-bottom support for the industry.

It starts at the bedrock of connectivity: cell towers. GORE® Direct Air Cooling Filters protect cell tower base station cabinets from harmful contaminants, so they can allow data to be transmitted in the area. Our filters leverage the natural thermal efficiencies of ambient air, rather than employing a cooling system that consumes more energy and drives up costs. Within the cell towers’ individual components — like tower-mounted sensors and base station battery units — GORE® Protective Vents continually equalize pressure while blocking particulates so the components don’t fail from exposure to environmental conditions.

Next are semiconductors, which deliver processing power and memory in electronics. Semiconductors are essential to today’s information superhighway, yet because of their microscopic size, they must be manufactured and processed in extraordinarily pure environments. Gore delivers components to keep this process pure, including high-flow, high-retention liquid filters; microfiltration media in membrane and laminate form; and a variety of cables. As the industry looks to EUV lithography to make microchips even more micro, we’re helping manufacturers prepare with specially engineered cable assemblies for the ultra-vacuum environments demanded by this new method.

In many of these same applications — including smartphones, laptops, wearables and two-way radios used in the military radios — Gore also provides acoustic vents for the best-possible combination of device protection and sound quality. Voice recognition is becoming a greater trend in tech, making the high-quality audio our vents deliver an important factor for manufacturers to consider.

The industry is under great pressures to deliver product innovations. Wearables and in-car apps are currently hot trends in the industry, but they’ll soon be overtaken by even more cutting-edge developments. Despite the innovative nature of these products, they still have basic electrical needs: venting, cabling and filtration. Gore partners with manufacturers to help them understand and take advantage of new trends in tech while delivering the product reliability that’s always a must.

Listening to Industry Needs

Gore undergoes a great amount of product research and testing before releasing products to the market and to manufacturers.

As part of this process, we test our concepts with market leaders and end users of our products. We ask them, Will this meet a real need that you have? Will this product perform reliably in your application? Is the weight adequate for your needs? Is there anything else we haven’t taken into account?

By doing this, we have a clear understanding of what our customers — and their customers — really need from our products, and we’re able to problem-solve around real problems faced in the industry.

As the technology and telecommunications industry continues to evolve, this type of research and testing will help Gore to evolve, too, so we can provide reliable components no matter what the industry needs them to do.


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