More Reliable Connectivity with Reduced Manufacturing and Maintenance Costs
GORE Protective Vents can improve the longevity and reliability of telecommunication systems and other outdoor electronic enclosures.

GORE Protective Vents reliably protect telecommunication enclosures in harsh or remote environments.

Today’s telecommunication systems aim for reliable connectivity everywhere — which can mean more equipment in remote locations, with enclosures and cabinets that are exposed to extreme environmental conditions.

GORE Protective Vents can extend the service life of outdoor telecommunication equipment, reducing maintenance costs, warranty claims and customer frustrations, because they:

  • effectively manage pressure differentials within the equipment housing
  • prevent condensation from compromising sensitive electronics
  • reduce stress on housing seals
  • block ingress of rain, moisture, wind-borne particulates and other contaminants
  • eliminate the need for “ruggedized” housings, reducing costs and weight

Gore, the global leader in venting technology, has more than 15 years’ experience in developing custom venting solutions for the telecommunications industry. Our global R&D and engineering teams can partner with you from initial product concept through prototyping, sampling, testing and production integration.



GORE® Protective Vents can help your communications enclosure or cabinet meet IP and NEMA protection standards. Learn more.

Why Vent?

GORE Protective Vents equalize pressures to protect the integrity of sealed outdoor enclosures, and the electronic components within.

Electronic communications enclosures that are installed outdoors are vulnerable to a wide range of environmental hazards that can affect the performance, reliability and life expectancy of the sensitive electronics within.

These hazards — such as extreme temperatures, driving rain or high humidity, or wind-, ice- or dust-storms — can threaten the integrity of standard or custom telecommunications enclosures by repeatedly stressing and weakening their seals or gaskets.

Problems for Outdoor Electronics:
GORE Protective Vents equalize overpressures and vacuums that would stress the seals of outdoor telecom enclosures.

GORE® Vents protects seals from stress by continuously equalizing over-pressures or vacuums within

Pressure differentials are created when a sealed enclosure is exposed to rapid, extreme or recurring changes in ambient conditions. Extreme changes in temperature (a sudden thunderstorm on a hot, sunny day), altitude changes (in transit), or the repetitive heating and cooling cycles of internal telecommunications components — any of these can cause a pressure differential within a sealed enclosure. A rapid decrease in temperature, for example, can create a vacuum inside the enclosure. If this pressure differential is not dissipated, the vacuum places continual stress on the housing seals. Over time, this can cause seals to fail, allowing moisture and other contaminants such as dust, dirt and other particulates to be drawn inside, and compromising the functionality of components like telecom air filters, for example.

GORE® Protective Vents allow moisture to escape from electronics enclosures for heavy-duty equipment.

Moisture can also get inside telecommunication enclosures by diffusion — the process by which vapor moves by natural molecular motion through the walls of a polymer enclosure. When water vapor enters a sealed enclosure and has no way to escape, it will condense to a liquid state. If this condensation remains inside the sealed enclosure, it can compromise lens function and corrode sensitive electronics and battery contacts used in “hot” telecommunication systems, or those used for network cabinet cooling.



Venting Solutions for Different Telecommunication Applications
Tower-Top Electronic Enclosures
Tower-Top Electronic Enclosures Water can cause corrosion and shorts to the electronics in tower-top enclosures. By allowing moisture vapor to diffuse easily, GORE Protective Vents reduce potential condensation that leads to corrosion and shorts.
Base Station Battery Units
Base Station Battery Units To prevent potential explosions, hydrogen gases from batteries must have an exit path. The continuous airflow of GORE Protective Vents enables gases to flow out of the unit while creating a barrier against contaminants.
Small Cell Nodes
Small Cell Nodes Plastic housings commonly used in small cell nodes are more susceptible to pressure equalization issues. Gore’s venting solutions protect the electronics from water damage and comply with environmental standards.
Antenna Tilt Motors
Antenna Tilt Motors Mechanical components of the antenna motors can fail when exposed to liquids and other contaminants. GORE Protective Vents provide a barrier against liquid and other contaminants that can lead to corrosion.
Coverage Systems
Coverage Systems Water ingress can compromise the signal integrity of coverage devices like repeaters and backhaul devices, including point-to-point and microwave radios. By equalizing pressure inside the device housing, GORE Protective Vents prevent stress on the housing seals so water cannot enter.
Tower-Mounted Sensors
Tower-Mounted Sensors Rapid temperature changes create a vacuum inside the sensor, which can cause a seal to fail. Moisture vapor can enter and condense on the sensor dome, obstructing sunlight and compromising sensor measurements. GORE Protective Vents equalize pressure and prevent vacuums that compromise seal integrity.


Product Comparison

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IP / NEMA Rating

Better Ingress Protection

Find out which of our vents can help your enclosure deliver the desired protection level according to Ingress Protection (IP) or NEMA Standards.


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