Gore’s portfolio of screw-in breather vents provides multiple levels of protection for sealed outdoor electronic devices that must withstand the most extreme weather conditions and temperatures … as well as the mechanical stresses they can cause. Gore screw-in vents can improve the safety, reliability and service life of your sealed outdoor electronic devices. Even in the harshest environments, these vents:

  • Rapidly and responsively equalize pressure differentials to reduce seal stress in sealed enclosures, through bi-directional air exchange that also reduces condensation.
  • Reliably keep solid and liquid contaminants from entering the enclosure, to protect sensitive electronics.  This durable protection persists even after the vent has been immersed in liquid.
  • Provide added longevity and mechanical stability. These screw-fit vents are engineered for chemical, UV and temperature resistance, hydrolytic stability, and flammability resistance. One of our stainless steel vents provides the highest mechanical impact resistance rating: IK10 (IEC 62262); another is IECEx and ATEX certified, for equipment operating in potentially explosive environments.


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The threaded vent plug and durable O-ring enable fast, safe integration, and help keep the vent reliably secured to the housing, to provide long-term pressure equalization and protection for outdoor electronic devices in a broad range of challenging applications:

What the Gore Screw-In Vent Series Has to Offer

Gore’s Screw-In Series portfolio includes six performance options designed for a range of housing materials, enclosure volumes and application requirements as diverse as IK10, UL-94 V-O or “Ex+” ratings.

GORE Protective Vents for screw-in installation are available in both all-membrane and laminate constructions. These flexible, low-profile vents are easy to install in tight spaces, and won’t compromise the look of the most streamlined enclosure designs. All include our proprietary GORE Membrane of 100% ePTFE, which provides both oleophobic and hydrophobic protection at levels up to IP68 and, for all but our most compact vent, IP69K.

Every Screw-In Series vent undergoes in-line quality inspection at Gore before it is shipped. All vents with M6 and M12 thread sizes are individually laser-marked, to provide full product traceability.

And of course, the Screw-In Series is backed by Gore’s global technical support personnel and facilities that ensure you can count on our promise: Our products will do what we say they will do.

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GORE Protective Vents Screw-in Series: Portfolio Overview / Recommended Applications

GORE PolyVent XSGORE® PolyVent XS has a compact, low-profile design that meets some of the industry’s toughest standards.  At 30% smaller than our Standard vents, It’s ideal for today’s streamlined designs and smaller housings with interior volumes of up to two liters. Rated IP68 for extended immersion at two meters for up to 72 hours.
GORE PolyVent StandardGORE® PolyVent Standard offers reliable venting for a wide variety of enclosures with volumes of up to five liters. It comes in two colors and two thread sizes for different wall thicknesses. For added flexibility, it can be used with or without a counter nut. Rated IP68 (two meters/one hour) and IP69K.
GORE PolyVent High AirflowGORE® PolyVent High Airflow provides the same IP68 and IP69K protection as PolyVent Standard – yet it delivers nearly 10 times the airflow!  Available in two colors, these vents easily manage the strong pressure differentials caused by extreme weather in housing volumes of up to 50 liters.
GORE PolyVent XLGORE® PolyVent XL maintains exceptionally high airflow in extra-large enclosures with volumes of up to 200 liters. In addition, it meets the most rigorous standards, such as solar resistance (IEC 62108). Rated IP68 (two meters/one hour) and IP69K.
GORE PolyVent Stainless Steel with IK10GORE® PolyVent Stainless Steel offers exceptional durability, chemical and corrosion resistance. It reliably protects enclosures volumes of up to 20 liters in the most rugged environments and challenging climates. Along with its IP68 and IP69K ratings, it’s also top-rated for mechanical impact resistance:  IK10 (IEC 62262). 
GORE PolyVent Ex+GORE PolyVent Ex+ is both IECEx and ATEX certified for equipment operating in potentially explosive environments, along with its IP68 and IP69K ratings. It offers exceptional venting performance for enclosures of up to 20 liters in volume. 

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How Gore Screw-In Vents Withstand All Environments

GORE Protective Vents Screw-In Series has been fully tested by independent laboratories and certified to meet a range of IEC, UL and DIN testing standards for durability/resistance to environmental challenges including:

• IP Ratings • Temperature Testing
• Mechanical Impact Testing • Humidity Testing
• Solar Industry Testing • Flammability and UV Resistance Testing
• Salt Fog Testing • Vibration Testing
• Corrosive Gas Testing • Explosive Environments Testing

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Not for use in food, drug, cosmetic or medical device manufacturing, processing, or packaging operations.

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