As semiconductor geometries get smaller, the need for process purity grows. Gore delivers cables, membranes and sealing solutions to keep this process pure, along with products for DUV, EUV and emerging High-NA EUV lithography equipment — to help manufacturers prepare for the future.


Although semiconductor line widths have shrunk to mere nanometers, the market continues to demand ever-smaller microchips with more processing power and memory. Yet as line-widths are reduced, production costs and the challenge of maintaining fab process purity are increased. Those challenges grow exponentially when coupled with concurrent demands for higher wafer-per-hour output and higher yields.

Gore is a longtime partner to companies navigating these challenges

We provide cables and assemblies, microfiltration media, and varied sealing solutions that keep semiconductor processes clean, reliable and repeatable. Our chemically-inert PTFE-based materials durably withstand harsh conditions to deliver the proven purity that semicon production processes require.

Offering improvements throughout semiconductor manufacturing processes

With decades of unique materials science technology and in-depth application knowledge, we offer advanced capabilities throughout semiconductor manufacturing processes. Our solutions ensure cleanliness, durability and reliability from front-end wafer manufacturing and processing to back-end assembly and test.

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GORE® Cables and Cable Assemblies for EUV and DUV Lithography

EUV (extreme ultraviolet) and DUV (deep ultraviolet) lithography processes use light to transfer circuit patterns onto, and carve electric circuits into, silicon semiconductor wafers. Compared to DUV, EUV lithography’s shorter wavelength allows more electric circuits to be squeezed onto a chip. Next-generation technology — High-NA lithography systems — will enable even finer lines and higher-density, higher-power chips. And this technology will demand even greater precision and purity, every step of the way.

Gore cable solutions can help meet those challenges

Gore took the lead in helping the semiconductor industry meet the challenges of EUV, when it was still a new method. Since 2009, Gore has partnered with technology leaders to provide custom cable solutions for the ultra-high vacuum and ultra-clean environment in which EUV lithography systems must operate. Today, our in-depth lithography experience, materials expertise, IP-protected cleaning processes and rigorous quality testing provide innovative cable solutions that help our customers keep pace with the industry’s constantly-evolving demands.

Gore’s ultra-clean, reliable cables and assemblies are custom-engineered to meet the challenges of more precision and cleanliness with higher yields, quality and speeds. These durable, high-performance lithography cables for both static and flexible applications have already been qualified in the most demanding — Cleanliness Grade 1 — high-vacuum environments, as well as in Cleanliness Grades 2 and 4 EUV and DUV applications.

See why our proven cable reliability can mean decreased maintenance, less downtime and lower total costs over time.

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In addition to our cable solutions for EUV and DUV lithography, Gore provides a broad range of other cables that deliver high performance and purity, including high-flex, high data rate and microwave/RF cables for processing equipment, test and measurement, and integration.
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GORE® Microfiltration Media for Semiconductor Fabrication

Semiconductor fabrication requires high-purity process fluids (water, chemicals and specialty solutions) to protect sensitive fabrication steps, ensure chip performance and enable high processing yields. It’s critical to have high-performance membrane filters that can withstand harsh operating conditions while effectively removing harmful contaminants.

Gore’s hydrophobic and hydrophilic filtration membranes provide nanometer levels of particle capture while operating at the high flow rates required for advanced semi process tools. Our chemically inert membranes effectively remove contaminants, enabling the most demanding applications — wet etch and clean, resist stripping, photolithography, UPW and other fine filtration processes — to operate at optimal levels of purity.

Unlike other membranes that are vulnerable to heat or chemicals, or release extractables that compromise process purity, GORE® Microfiltration Media can provide greater contaminant retention at a given flow rate, which can enable higher yields in microchip fabrication without compromise to quality.

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GORE® Sealant Technologies

GORE® Gaskets effectively seal and protect equipment in demanding semiconductor manufacturing applications, providing exceptionally reliable and chemically resistant sealing solutions. Our 100% pure expanded-PTFE gaskets are proven effective because they:

  • Resist chemical attack by the most aggressive chemicals.
  • Exhibit exceptional dimensional stability, resisting cold flow that could compromise the sealing system.
  • Seal effectively with low applied gasket stress relative to other pure PTFE sealing options.
  • Provide the low extractables of a 100% pure (expanded) PTFE solution.
  • Withstand temperatures from -269 °C to +315 °C (-452 °F to +600 °F).

GORE® Gaskets maximize reliability and minimize sealing-related maintenance of high-purity process fluid systems, including UPW and chemical delivery systems for aggressive wet etch and clean chemistry.

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Innovative Products + Innovative Partnerships

At Gore, our scientist and engineers share the semiconductor industry’s drive to innovate. We continue to seek new technologies and cabling solutions, and new ways to partner with lithography equipment manufacturers that share the same spirit. Together, we can find new ways to achieve even higher levels of cable cleanliness, durability, flexibility and reliability.

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