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The Lithography Industry: Development and Challenges
GORE® Ultraclean Static Round Cable

The growing demand for semiconductors — driven by 5G, the Cloud and AI — will only intensify as ever-more devices and technologies are integrated into homes, workplaces and transportation systems. To meet this accelerating demand, fabs using EUV and DUV lithography must increase their speeds and output — without sacrificing purity or precision in the process.

The properties and performance characteristics of GORE® Ultraclean Static Round Cables & Assemblies align with the industry's dual goals: greater precision and cleanliness to support more extreme miniaturization, and greater reliability to support demands for higher yield, quality and speed.

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Product Benefits

GORE® Ultraclean Static Round Cables & Assemblies: Unmatched Cleanliness

Designed for static applications, our Cleanliness Grade 1 cables and assemblies meet the most extreme requirements for high-vacuum environments. Gore’s IP-protected cleaning processes enable us to produce high-purity cables and assemblies that are approved for use in the innermost parts of the most advanced EUV systems. Along with unmatched cleanliness, these custom-engineered static round cables provide unmatched performance, because our materials expertise enables us to:

  • Achieve higher data rates, with greater signal integrity over longer distances, and precise, reliable terminations.
  • Incorporate low-contamination, low-outgassing fluoropolymers such as ePTFE (expanded polytetrafluoroethylene) material, and we can further trim outgassing levels to customer requirements.

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Technical Specifications

Property Vacuum
(acc. to Cleanliness Grade 1)
Jacket material PTFE & fluoropolymer
Jacket color white and opaque
Core types signal, power
Minimum bend radius >10 x OD
Temperature range [°C] -20 to +260 a)
Outgassing rate [mBar x l/sec x cm2]  
        H20 (AMU 18) b) 6.00E-10
        CxHyv (volatile CxHy)
        (AMU 45-100) b)
        CxHynv (non-volatile CxHy)
        (AMU 101-200) b)
Hydrogen-induced outgassing (HIO) applicable
Forbidden materials applicable
Particle-free applicable
Certifications UL


a) depending on application requirements
b) AMU = Atomic Mass Units

Lithography Applications

At the heart of the most advanced EUV systems, where the demand for purity and precision is greatest, you’ll find GORE® Ultraclean Static Round Cables for Projection Optics Box (POB) and Illuminator.

Cutaway view of EUV Lithography machine highlighting the POB and Illuminator

The Gore Advantage

When it comes to Lithography, you need more than just cable and assembly “products” — you need leading-edge, integrated cable and assembly solutions that are backed by a resourceful, capable and proven partner.

Why Choose Gore and Gore Cable Solutions for Lithography?

Working with Gore, and specifying reliable Gore cables and assemblies for both your static and high-flex applications, can help you achieve more EUV machine uptime, even at higher wafer/hour speeds over multi-million production cycles. We’re not here just to provide ultra-high vacuum cables — we’re ready to help you meet ultra-high expectations as well.

Built-In Cleanliness and Reliability A Partner Dedicated to Quality
Lowest contamination from CxHy and H20 Years of experience
Low friction materials for lowest particulation Co-engineering and material expertise
Reliable signal integrity for high-speed data transmission over longer distances Unmatched cleanliness throughout the entire process
Tight routing for easy installation in tight spaces Extensive lab testing that ensures the highest quality



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