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Gore provides armed forces with reliable products that deliver real-time Intel and maintain stable communications on modern mobile digital networks.

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In military scenarios, exchanging information over electronic devices is critical to mission success. Gore manufacturers high-performance solutions that deliver failure-free power distribution, signal connectivity and high-speed data transmission — proven advanced solutions the military has come to trust and depend on for decades.

Maintaining secure on-the-move communications is crucial to troop readiness, safety and operational effectiveness in the field. Defense systems in ground vehicles and electronic devices attached to military equipment must never malfunction, and neither can the cables forming the backbone of these sophisticated electronics.

As new technology continues to develop, the military is focused on updating vehicles to enable faster, richer tactical communications. The electrical components behind these communications pose their own challenges:

  • More components make space, weight and power (SWaP) more of a challenge
  • Smaller, lighter-weight cable materials often mean sacrificing mechanical strength and electrical performance
  • Damaged materials from abrasion and cut-through during routing in tighter spaces can lead to cable and systems failure over time

Other stress factors like fuels, oils, chemicals, and extreme weather changes can also damage cable materials, eventually causing system errors.

For more than 30 years, Gore has been a trusted partner to many branches of the military, delivering cables and cable assemblies with an optimal combination of reliability, durability, flexibility, safety and cost. Built with specialized materials, we deliver proven, lifelong solutions that continue to meet the military’s complex communications needs for today and tomorrow.

Distributing Constant Power with Strong Signals

High-quality, uninterrupted channels of communication can be the difference between mission success and failure.

GORE Hook-Up Wires distribute non-stop power while delivering strong signals to the most advanced electronic systems, so military personnel can continue to engage and exchange critical information.

When hooked up to systems like radar and radio, these smaller, thinner wires have proven:

  • indestructible to not short out in tough surroundings
  • extremely flexible to easily handle difficult routing in less space
  • easily capable of maintaining power distribution and signal connectivity

Transmitting Critical Data without Failure

Today’s military has access to the world’s most advanced high data rate electronics, including navigational aids, digital vision systems, high-definition displays and portable devices.

Gore’s high-speed copper and fiber optic cables offer significant increases in data transfer rates among these cutting-edge electronics. Our cables are proven to transmit massive amounts of data quickly without interruption between mission systems, so military personnel can receive and view critical Intel in real time.

Besides their data delivery, our high data rate cables are distinguished by their compact, highly flexible yet durable designs that reduce weight and simplify routing — traits that ultimately deliver long product lifetimes, less maintenance and reduced overall costs.

Additionally, our high data rate solutions support the latest open-source architectures and standardized protocols, like our award-winning GORE Ethernet cables with proven installed performance and EMI shielding effectiveness.

Maintaining High-Quality Signals, Despite the Elements

Critical systems are often at the mercy of the elements. Gore’s materials stop them in their tracks.

GORE Microwave/RF Assemblies, 7 Series stops the ingress of water vapor and harsh contaminants that can quickly degrade vehicle structures and compromise critical systems — like AESA (active electronically scanned array) radar. The 7 Series generates high-quality signals at precise frequencies with proven EMI shielding performance, so defense forces can better scan for threats and gain a decisive edge in hostile environments.

The 7 Series’ low-profile, robust design with high flexibility means they won’t break or fail during routing for fewer cable replacements and lower total costs. A decisive edge indeed.

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