Fluid purity is essential in semiconductor fab and microelectronics manufacturing and processing, like wet etch and clean (WEC), photolithography and chemical mechanical polishing (CMP). As transistors continue to shrink to unimaginable sizes, it becomes increasingly critical to capture the tiniest particles in the nanometer range for effective micro-contamination control.

With a unique combination of the highest retention and unparalleled flow, GORE Microfiltration Media enable the manufacture of expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) membrane filters to improve productivity and increase processing yields.

For applications where reliability is critical, we give filter makers what they expect from a membrane supplier without compromises to retention and flow or quality. Our high retention and flow rate membrane assures repeatable high performance, consistent quality and exceptional high cleanliness.


Our unparalleled expertise in manufacturing ePTFE and controlling its microstructure allow us to tailor membranes to increase retention and enable greater throughput or impart specific characteristics required for their intended use.

Gore is more than a membrane company — we’re a global expert in filtration. For over four decades, we’ve delivered air, gas, liquid and particle filtration solutions to help our partners purify processes, increase yields and control costs.

We continue to set the industry standard in the liquid filtration market for membranes that bring high-quality, high-performance and reliability in the most critical semiconductor and microelectronics fabrication steps. And as chip design gets finer, we continue to develop new membranes so filter manufacturers can keep up with industry needs and challenges to improve process yields.

Product Offerings

Through R&D and extensive field testing, we’ve developed a portfolio of GORE Microfiltration Media designed to fit many critical applications and microfiltration device design formats. Available as rolls in a wide microfiltration pore size range, our membranes facilitate the rapid development of high-performance filters with high particle efficacy and high flow rates. We also offer membrane discs in custom sizes for diverse applications.

With Gore’s global manufacturing and supply chain, we can easily communicate our expertise to manufacturers in Asia, the Americas and all points between, delivering ePTFE membranes to meet the tight timelines expected in this always innovating industry.

Materials Construction Pore Reference Size (μm) Capabilities / Intended Use
Membrane 0.015 to 10 Aggressive chemical and solvent-based applications
Laminate PP Net 0.1 to 1.0 Laminate for added support and strength
Membrane 0.1 to 10 Water-based processes

For more information about our unique membranes and how we can meet your project timeline, contact us today.


For more than 40 years, GORE Microfiltration Media has been successfully proven in many critical industrial liquid filtration products and systems for:

  • Semiconductor Manufacturing Processes: Gore’s membranes successfully filter nano-sized particles and harmful contaminants during logic and memory chip fabrication. Filters made with our membranes are applied in wafer cleaning tools to reduce wafer defects. With the industry’s best-available balance of retention and liquid flow rate, they enable high process yields without sacrificing throughput.
  • Microelectronics Fabrication: Gore’s membranes enable higher yields and low cost of ownership in LED/OLED flat panel displays (FPD) and other microelectronics. Manufacturers can also count on our membranes to provide consistent high performance and high quality for producing sensors and other microelectronics assembly devices and products.
  • High Purity Chemical Production: Gore’s chemically inert ePTFE membranes are used in semiconductor-grade chemical production to ensure improved particle reduction and exceptional high purity in chemical manufacturing.

Have a new fluid management application that requires a high-quality, reliable filtration membrane? Contact us today to see how we can meet your application needs and requirements.

Features and Benefits

Unmatched by other filtration material suppliers, GORE Microfiltration Media offers unique features that allow them to stand up to challenging environmental conditions and demanding operations, including:

  • clean, non-shedding membranes
  • high chemical and thermal resistance
  • hydrophobic and hydrophilic membranes
  • unique ePTFE microstructure with uniform membrane properties
  • available in various pore size ratings from 0.015 μm to 10 μm
  • membrane consistency from roll to roll and lot to lot

For filter makers, our best-in-class membranes provide many benefits that ensure their reliability in semiconductor and microelectronics processing, like:

  • proven higher liquid flow rate at a given retention level
  • consistent high quality and repeatable high performance
  • reliably filters nanometer-level particles and harmful contaminants
  • reduce wafer defects and enhance process yields
  • decades of proven successful performance and reliability in many applications

For more information about the features and benefits of our ePTFE microfiltration media, contact us today.

How to Buy

GORE Microfiltration Media continues to set the industry standard for high performance, high quality and reliability for fluoropolymer filters used in semiconductor and microelectronics processing and high-purity chemical production. We offer membrane rolls in a range of pore sizes, retention and flow rates that can be customized to fit your diverse applications.

For more information about our microfiltration membrane products or if you want to place an order, contact us today.

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