Gore’s hydrophobic and oleophobic snap-in vents provide the robust performance and durable protection that can improve the safety, reliability and service life of your sealed outdoor electronic devices.  Even in the harshest environments, our vents:

  • Rapidly and responsively equalize pressure differentials, reducing seal stress in sealed enclosures through bi-directional air exchange that also reduces condensation.
  • Reliably keep solid and liquid contaminants from entering the enclosure, to protect sensitive electronics. This durable protection persists even after the vent has been immersed in liquid.

These sturdy snap-in breather vents are engineered for fast, easy installation on any production line: automated, semi-automated or manual. The snap-fit design is engineered to automatically seat and securely seal the vent to the housing, for reliable venting performance across a broad range of challenging applications:


The Gore Snap-In Vent Series Difference

Gore’s Snap-In Series portfolio includes four performance options engineered to satisfy a wide range of application requirements, housing materials and enclosure volumes. All GORE Protective Vents for snap-in vent installation include our proprietary GORE Membrane of 100% ePTFE, in either all-membrane or laminate constructions. Our portfolio also offers you the choice of either hydrophobic-only, or oleophobic-and-hydrophobic, protection.

Every Snap-In Series vent undergoes in-line quality inspection at Gore before they are shipped. Most are individually laser-marked, to provide full product traceability.

And of course, the Snap-In Series is backed by Gore’s global technical support personnel and facilities that ensure you can count on our promise: Our products will do what we say they will do.

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GORE Protective Vents Snap-in Series: Portfolio Overview / Recommended Applications

GORE PolyVent Hysi GORE® PolyVent Hysi offers fast, economical integration, and gives you the option to inside-mount, for nearly invisible installation. Recommended for smaller enclosures, with internal volumes of up to two liters.
GORE PolyVent XS GORE® PolyVent XS is 30% smaller than PolyVent Standard, so it’s particularly recommended for lightweight, thin-walled enclosures with internal volumes of up to five liters. 
GORE PolyVent Standard GORE® PolyVent Standard offers reliable performance in many applications. It’s a versatile solution for venting a variety of enclosures with internal volumes of up to five liters. 
GORE PolyVent High Airflow GORE® PolyVent High Airflow, in hydrophobic or oleophobic versions, is ideal for large enclosures because it delivers high airflow for enclosure volumes of up to 30 liters.

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How Gore Snap-In Vents Measure Up Against the Elements

GORE Protective Vents Snap-In Series has been fully tested by independent laboratories, and certified to meet a range of IEC, UL and DIN testing standards for durability/resistance to environmental challenges including:

• IP Ratings • Temperature Testing
• Humidity Testing • Flammability Testing
• UV Resistance Testing • Salt Fog Testing
• Vibration Testing • Corrosive Gas Testing

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Learn more about GORE Protective Vents for screw-in installation and adhesive installation.


Not for use in food, drug, cosmetic or medical device manufacturing, processing, or packaging operations.

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