Aviators of a European fighter jet noticed system performance issues related to data transmission one year after installing an Ethernet cable solution. In particular, the problem was insertion loss degradation linked to the number of flying hours. The poorly performing aviation cable had to be replaced, causing unplanned maintenance, extra downtime and added costs. That’s when the OEM contacted Gore to develop a more reliable Ethernet solution to solve all of these issues.


Gore engineers worked closely with the OEM to design a customized Ethernet cable solution that could outperform the previous solution. After installation and one year of flight time, GORE Ethernet Cables for Cat5e protocol continued delivering the same reliable high-speed data transmission without the slightest bit of degradation of insertion loss.

Martin Dunning, Gore Application Engineer, commented, “We were pleased the OEM contacted us to develop a longer-lasting solution to accommodate their system needs and requirements. Our custom Ethernet quadrax cable maintained its overall integrity over a prolonged flight time, enabling less maintenance and costs.”


Gore’s aerospace and defense team provided the only reliable solution in the industry. GORE Ethernet Cables for Cat5e protocol improved installation for military aircraft maintainers and proved trustworthy for aviators with features and benefits like:

  • unique, customized quadrax design originally invented by Gore
  • continuous high-speed data transmission after installation and over time
  • no insertion loss degradation and better shielding effectiveness
  • fewer maintenance intervals and decreased aircraft downtime
  • reduced cable replacement costs

Why Choose Gore Ethernet Cables?

Leading aircraft OEMs, system architects and engineers, and aviators trust Gore’s solutions. They know our cables will deliver installed performance, last longer than alternatives and improve aircraft system performance.

For prototyping and evaluation in your application, we offer selected complimentary samples of our Ethernet cables and other high data rate solutions. If you’re ready to buy our cables, connect with an authorized distributor now for in-stock availability.

To learn more about how these cables can help improve your defense aircraft system performance, contact a Gore representative today.


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