The Gore Advantage

Define Your Application

What type of inlet filters are you currently using and how long do they last? What is the overall airflow and flow per filter element? How many hours does the system run per year? Is the unit considered peak, intermediate, or base loaded? Are there local environmental challenges, such as heavy pollution, fog, insects, or agricultural burning?

Influences affecting filter longevity
Benefits of GORE Turbine Filters

Reduce Turbine Wear

  • Prevent blocking of cooling ports and overheating of blades
  • Prevent rotational imbalance from compressor fouling
  • Avoid cyclical thermal stress due to turbine stops and restarts for cleaning

Optimize Power Output

  • Eliminate power loss from compressor fouling
  • Eliminate fouling-induced heat rate increases
  • Prevent captured contaminants from rinsing through filters during periods of heavy rain or fog

Increase Turbine Availability

  • Eliminate need for off-line compressor washing
  • Avoid risk of startup and shutdown failures
  • Operate continuously with clean compressor performance

Reduce Corrosion

  • Prevent liquid water ingress through filters
  • Stop penetration of airborne and waterborne salts
  • Reduce corrosion in compressor and hot section

Hydrophobic HEPA Technology

  • E12 efficiency with pressure drop (ΔP) comparable to lower efficiency filters
  • Direct replacement for current filters
  • Proven lifetime in challenging environments
Hydrophobic HEPA Technology
Understanding HEPA Filter End of Life

All filters are susceptible to high pressure drop (ΔP) spikes as they reach the end of their service lifetime. This is caused by swelling of particles in wet or humid conditions. The magnitude of this ΔP rise is influenced by the type and number of particles captured by the filter, filter media characteristics and construction, and filter design.

It is important to understand what to expect when your E12 hydrophobic HEPA filters from Gore near the end of their service life. HEPA filters are highly efficient and capture virtually all particles in an airstream over their lifetime. When the filters begin to approach end of life, ΔP trend monitoring will begin to show sensitivity to wet and humid conditions. The patented multi-layer construction of Gore’s hydrophobic HEPA filters delays this effect, enabling long lifetime even in challenging conditions.

GORE Turbine Filters have a proven lifetime of two years or longer in very challenging coastal and industrial environments. Relevant references are available upon request.

Pressure drop trend over filter lifetime


Not for use in food, drug, cosmetic or medical device manufacturing, processing, or packaging operations.