Meet Growing Thermal Challenges in Mobile Devices Using GORE® Thermal Insulation
GORE Thermal Insulation x DELL XPS 13
DELL uses GORE Thermal Insulation to improve performance and slim the design of its laptops.

The demand for greater performance, functionality, and smaller form factors is increasing thermal challenges in mobile devices, particularly as many powered components are generating more heat in smaller spaces. More heat generation requires advanced thermal conductivity designs to spread heat more evenly across the surface of the device.

GORE Thermal Insulation is an innovative thermal management solution that increases the designer’s ability to direct heat by greater control of z-axis thermal conductivity. More control means superior spreading options that enable components to:

  • perform at higher levels for longer periods,
  • accommodate shrinking form factors,
  • meet surface temperature requirements.

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Application Areas

GORE® Thermal Insulation can be Used in all Kinds of Mobile Devices
A top view of a table with mobile devices to which GORE® Thermal Insulation material can be applied.





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Application Example: GORE Thermal Insulation in Smartphones and Laptops

Experience and extensive testing confirm the effectiveness of GORE Thermal Insulation: Your customers will benefit from improved performance and an overall better user experience.

How We Help You Beat the Heat

Effective Thermal Management With Enhanced Thermal Spreading
The Effect Insulation Has on Heat Transfer
Shown above is how crayons – with and without GORE Thermal Insulation – melt at different rates.

Thermal engineers use graphite, heat pipes and vapor chambers to spread and dissipate heat across a larger area to improve device performance. As thermal spreading requirements increase, these thermal designs can still fail to reduce hot spots due to insufficient resistance in the z-direction which reduces the spreading ratio and increases prevalence of hot spots.

With GORE Thermal Insulation, you can now improve the effectiveness of your thermal spreading solutions. With a thermal conductivity through-plane (kz) significantly lower than air, enabled by premium aerogel technology, GORE Thermal Insulation will enhance the heat spreading ratio and outperform system level air gaps. It can be used independently or in conjunction with heat spreaders to create a higher performing thermal design.

Comparison: Effectiveness of Thermal Spreading With and Without GORE Thermal Insulation

GORE Thermal Insulation increases the designer’s ability to direct heat by greater control of z-axis thermal conductivity. More control means superior spreading options and design flexibility. Combining GORE Thermal Insulation with graphite for example – one of many possible configurations – allows for more graphite to be included due to needing a thinner amount of insulation compared to an air gap to get the same heat reduction.

A graphic compares the structure of thermal solutions without (left) and with (right) GORE® Thermal Insulation. Below, thermal imaging of two smartphones compares the solution’s heat spreading properties.

Heat spreading effectiveness of a basic thermal design using graphite and air (left) compared to a thermal design using graphite and GORE Thermal Insulation (right). The basic thermal design fails to reduce hot spots because, while the heat is conducted in the xy-direction, it is also conducted in the z-direction resulting in a hot spot. Whereas utilizing GORE Thermal Insulation instead of an air gap reduces z-axis conductivity, increasing the spreading ratio and reducing hot spots.

Performance and Design Benefits

Improve Your Existing Solution With GORE Thermal Insulation: No More Compromises

Thanks to GORE Thermal Insulation, you can improve your existing thermal design without compromise. Incorporating this innovative heat spreading solution not only enhances the thermal management of your device, but also opens up new opportunities for your company to achieve peak performance and design excellence.

Increase Performance with with GORE Thermal Insulation Reduce Hotspot temperature with GORE Thermal Insulation Thinner Product Design with GORE Thermal Insulation
  • With a kz lower than air, thinner GORE Thermal Insulation can replace the air gap, allowing for more graphite to be included
  • Delay throttling of performance by moving heat away from the heat source and blocking heat from device surface
  • Enable components to operate at higher power for longer time
  • Reduce surface temperatures by 1– 6 °C (depending upon system power and insulation thickness)
  • Enable thinner designs while maintaining performance by replacing an air gap with thinner insulation
A graphic of a cross section of a mobile device that contains a thin layer of GORE® Thermal Insulation. A graphic of a cross section of a mobile device that contains a thick layer of GORE® Thermal Insulation. A graphic of a cross section of a slim mobile device using GORE® Thermal Insulation.
A legend illustrating that GORE® Thermal Insulation is marked as blue, the hear spreader is marked as gray and the heat source is marked as red in the information graphics above.


Additional Benefits of using GORE Thermal Insulation
Electrically Insulative
  • Provides a physical barrier between device components
  • Does not create electrical short circuits or EM/RF interference
Ease of Integration
  • Can be combined with graphite or heat pipes to optimize performance
  • Easy to install with 5 thickness options and ability to customize shape
Development Support
  • Gore engineers are available to support you with design guidance, modeling and integration from early design cycle through commercialization
You are interested in GORE Thermal Insulation and need more detailed information? Simply get in touch with our experts!

Product Information

Technology Expertise in Thermal Management for Mobile Devices
  • High loading of aerogel to obtain low conductivity
  • Consistent distribution of aerogel enables consistent conductivity
  • Consistent thickness across a range of thicknesses from 120-530 μm
GORE Thermal Insulation Material Data*
Insulation thickness availablea 0.12 mm 0.23 mm 0.28 mm 0.38 mm 0.53 mm
Adhesive encapsulation width (minimum)b 1 mm 1 mm 1 mm 1 mm 1.5 mm
Thermal conductivity (k)c 0.021 W/m•K 0.020 W/m•K
Compression @ 100 kPa (14.5 psi) 13% 8%
Specific heat capacityd 1.8 J/g °C
Bulk density 0.37 g/cc
Operating temperaturee -40°C to 100 °C
Protective cover film Black PET
Adhesive type Acrylic
RoHSf Meets threshold requirements
Max part size 100 mm x 200 mm

a Nominal thickness based on reported values of thickness of each component of the stack up.
b Nominal minimum width.
c Nominal conductivity value based on a modified version of ASTM C518.
d Nominal heat capacity measured according to ASTM E2716 Method B at 75 °C.
e Alternate adhesives required to exceed 100 °C.
f To the best of our knowledge, the part numbers listed above do not have any restricted substances above the maximum concentration values listed in RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU and meets the substance restrictions of Article 4 of RoHS Recast including Commission Delegated Directive 2015/863.

*All values based on nominal characteristic and do not represent the specification and tolerance.


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