Acoustic science is at the heart of Gore’s competitive advantage–with significant investments in new technologies, advanced equipment, unique testing methods, modeling services and a dedicated team of specialists–all geared to deliver products of uncompromising quality  that meet our customers’ expectations and are fit for their intended end use.

Our dedication to solutions-driven products, backed by decades of experience in material sets and capabilities research, has put GORE® Acoustic Vents at the forefront of innovation, allowing us to deliver unparalleled liquid and particulate protection while maintaining exceptional levels of acoustic performance and consistency.

Each venting solution is precision engineered to achieve the highest Ingress Protection (IP) standards while balancing the trade-offs of acoustic loss. Our scientists and engineers have even developed additional protocols to better reflect real-world conditions and ensure industry-leading performance, durability and reliability… even after exposure to water.

Applications for Acoustic Vents

With over a decade of experience and designs in thousands of portable electronics devices, Gore is uniquely qualified to provide and develop optimal venting solutions for a variety of applications.

GORE® Acoustic Vents for Immersion Protection

Ideal for portable electronic devices exposed to water challenges, including immersion, that require good sound transparency and acoustic performance.

Today's consumers increasingly demand immersion-resistant handsets, wearables and other mobile electronic devices. Normally, reliable water resistance involves a trade-off in audio quality, however, GORE® Acoustic Vents for Immersion Applications facilitate optimal acoustic performance while effectively repelling water, other fluids and particulates.

Our venting solutions are engineered to repel water, sweat, cleaning solutions and low surface tension liquids like detergent and oils without sacrificing acoustic performance. Smartphones can be protected from water as deep as 5 meters for as long as 30 minutes and wearables as deep as 50 meters for 10 minutes.

One of Gore’s basic principles is to ensure our products are engineered to meet or exceed the needs of our customers’ specific applications, a concept we refer to as “fitness for use”. All our vents are subjected to rigorous material qualification and testing–including measuring transmission loss, our Extended Water Entry Pressure (eWEP) test and many other protocols that go above and beyond IP standards.

GORE® Acoustic Vents for Dust and Splash Protection

Ideal for portable electronic devices that need to stand up to dust and splash hazards that require good sound transparency and acoustic performance–rated up to IP6x:

In audio devices with woven vent material, metal particles can be drawn in by, and settle on top of, the speaker magnet. As these particles accumulate, their increasing mass and weight inhibits the diaphragm from producing high levels of sound pressure.

GORE® Acoustic Vents for Dust and Splash Applications use non-woven membrane materials with a three-dimensional tortuous path structure. This allows them to effectively capture particles of varied shapes and sizes while protecting against acoustic degradation, enhancing both speaker longevity and device reliability.

Cross section of woven material
Cross section of woven material

For devices designed to have openings near the transducers, our engineers have also developed a rigorous “moving showerhead” test designed to increase the likelihood of water directly splashing on device openings–as would happen under real-world conditions. Using these Gore protocols, we can predict how well devices will be protected against splash hazards with greater accuracy. In addition, they allow us to evaluate potential housing solutions during the development process, before the device has been completed and assembled.

GORE® Acoustic Vents Selection General Guidelines

Gore ensures all aspects of our vents are optimized to meet the specific requirements of each customer application, from water resistance level to acoustic performance to geometries.

Acoustic Vents Chart
GORE® Acoustic Vents for Immersion


GAW 333a

GAW 337a

GAW 334a

GAW 342a

GAW 331a

GAW 344a


Shallow Immersion

Deep Immersion

IP Rating(IEC 60529)b

IP68 ( 2m water @ 1 hr )

IP68 ( 5m water @ 30 min )

IP68c ( 10m water @ 1 hr )


ISO Rating
(ISO 22810)


30m water
@ 10 mind

50m water
@ 10 mine

Insertion Loss
@ 1kHzf (I.D. 1.6 mm)

< 1.3 dB

< 1.3 dB

< 1.8 dB

< 1.3 dB

< 4 dB

Membrane Characteristic



Membrane Color




Membrane Type


Support Material


Adhesive Type


RoHS g

meets threshold requirements

a Patent issued: US6512834C1
b IP ratings for assembled devices depend on the design of the product housing.
c Part I.D. 3.0 mm / O.D. 6.0 mm.
d Part I.D. 1.6 mm / O.D. 4.2 mm.
e Part I.D. 1.6 mm / O.D. 3.8 mm with back pressure on captive ring.
f Average value tested using a typical MEMS microphone system. Design of the device will affect final performance.
g To the best of our knowledge, the parts listed above do not have any restricted substances above the maximum concentration values listed in RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU. This information is based on our current level of knowledge and does not constitute a representation or warranty beyond those contained in our standard terms and conditions.

GORE® Acoustic Vents for Dust and Splash

We offer a range of standard vents for you to choose from:

Characteristics/ Performance

Series GAW 111

Series GAW 112

IP rating (IED 529, 2nd)a


IP4x, IP6x

Comparative water spray efficiencyb



Average acoustic impedance
(impedance from 200–5000 Hz, per ASTM 1050, modified)

45 rayls MKS

105 rayls MKS

Maximum transmission loss
(max value 200–5000 Hz, per ASTM WK5285)

< 1 dB

< 2 dB

Material type & color

Cellulose/PET-Nonwoven & dark gray

Membrane characteristic


Reference thicknessc

0.18 mm

0.24 mm

Recommended part orientation

Mount on interior of housing

Adhesive temperature range

-40 °C to 70 °C

Adhesive type



Meets threshold requirements

a IP ratings depend on the design of the product housing.
b Per Gore Water Spray-001: Direct stream at 70ml/min at 10psi; 0% efficiency represents open condition.
c Nominal aggregate thickness of adhesive and PET nonwoven layers. Actual thickness may vary due to the compressibility of materials.
d To the best of our knowledge, the parts listed above do not have any restricted substances above the maximum concentration values listed in RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU. This information is based on our current level of knowledge and does not constitute a representation or warranty beyond those contained in our standard terms and conditions.

Design Considerations

Predicting the conditions your product will encounter can be difficult, so our application engineers are on hand to assist in selecting the right solution for your specific application requirements–ensuring the selected solution meets the protection requirement while still providing the best acoustic performance.

Factors that might be considered include:

  • What is the minimum requirement for acoustic consistency?
  • What is the maximum level of transmission loss allowable?
  • How will the product be used?
  • What is the required frequency range?
  • What are the required liquid, particulate and contaminant protection levels?
  • Will your device need protection against water immersion?
  • What shape, size and thickness of the vent is required?
  • How much space is available within your device enclosure? Will there be an open cavity?
  • What surface will the vent be mounted on and what type of adhesive is required?
  • What are the minimum and maximum temperatures your device may face?
  • Will vents be mounted by hand or by pick and place machine?
Acoustic Design Considerations

Integrating portable vents with your products can be a technical nightmare since all the requirements make installation costly and time consuming. Gore drives down development time with easy and reliable vent installation all backed by the fact we currently support over 1 billion installations globally. Please see below for our product installation manuals and videos:

Why GORE® Portable Electronic Vents?

Leading OEMs choose Gore because our products and services enable them to develop differentiated products with low development and supply-chain risk in a fast-paced, highly competitive market.

Product and Application Leadership
Reliable Performance

With over 30 years of industry expertise and over 1 billion smart devices installed, Gore provides the optimum venting solution to OEM manufacturing chains.

Grounded in a deep understanding of acoustic science and SMT manufacturing processes–reinforced by years of experience in material sets and capabilities research–we are specialists at balancing the trade-offs between diverse problems such as adverse environments, contamination prevention and acoustic performance.

Reliable Performance
Reliable Performance

At Gore, we make a commitment to every customer that our products will "do what we say they will do", and we stand behind that promise. 

Every product must adhere to the highest standards because their quality, performance and reliability impact not only our reputation, but our customers’ reputation too. To ensure products are "fit for intended use" a comprehensive understanding of the end-use application is required, as well as pertinent test requirements.

Local Sales and Technical Support
local sales and technical support

Our knowledgeable and experienced local sales and technical teams across the globe offer prompt, thorough and hands-on service and technical support. They collaborate with OEMs and their contract manufacturers to develop reliable, high-performance products to ensure there are no surprises before or after product launch.

Global Support
Trustworthy Partner

Our global teams are made up of sales, technical, and application engineers in strategic locales which allows us to provide agile and robust support to customers around the world.

GORE® Membrane
Gore Membrane

What gives our vents their superior performance qualities is expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE), the remarkably versatile polymer is at the heart of our products. Gore is the world leader in understanding ePTFE and its capabilities. For each implementation, we use the GORE® Membrane to engineer an ePTFE membrane structure, with a variety of different properties, tailored for various challenging applications.



Case Studies

Read about how the GORE® Portable Electronic Vents team of engineers and scientists are working with customers to ensure delivery of the best possible venting, production and customized solutions:

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