Consumers expect devices that deliver high-quality sound and flawless functionality, no matter what conditions or activities they are exposed to.

But dust and water ingress can damage components, leading to malfunctions and premature device failure, as well as financial and environmental waste.

One way to keep contaminants out is to block the apertures that let sound waves in and out. But prioritizing sealing over sound can compromise functions like voice recognition or noise cancellation.

GORE® Acoustic Vents enable fewer trade-offs for design engineers, better satisfaction for users.

Gore, the leading provider of acoustic vents, has successfully resolved this trade-off between high-quality sound and high-quality device protection. Why is that important?

What do consumers care about?

Based on a consumer survey, after price and brand, water resistance would drive more purchases than any other attribute.1 (The expectation for clear consistent sound is a given.)


"Protecting my device from water damage"


"Better water resistance in my NEXT device!"

1 Gore Smartphone Consumer Perceptions Research — August 2019

  • Unmatched Liquid and Particulate Protection
    Our rigorous test protocols exceed industry standards for ingress protection vents, to ensure your devices remain shielded from dust, water, and other damaging elements.
  • Crystal-Clear Audio
    Our acoustic air vents deliver consistently exceptional sound transmission and clarity, ensuring seamless voice calls and flawless audio experiences.
  • Sustainable Design
    By extending device lifespan, GORE® Acoustic Vents can reduce electronic waste, contributing to a more sustainable future.

See why OEMs rely on our vents’ performance characteristics:
Get the data sheet of GORE® Vents for acoustic applications.

Applications for Acoustic Vents

The breadth and depth of our acoustic expertise, and the versatility of our ePTFE acoustic membrane technology, is why you’ll find our vent designs in thousands of portable electronics devices: 

  • Smartphones and feature phones
  • Digital, action and SLR cameras, two-way radios
  • Smartwatches/wearables
  • Microphones, earphones and headsets 
  • Smart speakers and home devices

Our membrane material expertise is also why we can offer you a full range of standard and customizable solutions for:

Dust and Splash Protection

  • For ratings of IP4X to IP642
  • Typical insertion loss < 0.1 dB
A woman caught in the rain with no umbrella is talking on a headset protected by a GORE® Acoustic Vent.

Shallow Immersion Protection

  • For ratings of IP67 (1 m @ 30 minutes) to IP68 (2 m @ 60 minutes / 5 m @ 30 minutes).
  • Typical insertion loss 0.4 dB to 1.4 dB depending upon depth and time.
Smartphones with Gore’s acoustic protection vents can withstand either shallow or deep immersion.

Deep Immersion Protection

  • For smartphones: up to 50 m @ 10 minutes3
  • For wearables: up to 100 m @15 minutes4
  • Typical insertion loss 2.9 dB to < 4 dB (I.D. 2.0 mm)
Gore’s smartwatch waterproofing solutions enable deep immersion, up to 100 meters.

Immersion/spray performance can depend upon part geometry and stack-up. 
Insertion loss is measured @ 1kHz, I.D. 1.6 mm. Assumes back cavity length 1 mm and aperture diameter 1 mm.

 When incorporated into most devices. 
 Part I.D. 1.6 mm / O.D. 3.8 mm with back pressure on captive ring. 
 Part I.D. 2.0mm / O.D. 4.2mm with back pressure on captive ring.

Browse our portfolio of GORE® Acoustic Vents and get technical data:
Download the data sheet and learn more about IP/NEMA ratings.

Easy installation, reliable support

Integrating speaker protection vents and microphone protection vents doesn’t have to be costly, time-consuming and technically complex. Not when Gore drives down development time with easy ventinstallation and reliable support. We currently support over 1 billion installations globally … ask us how we can support yours.

Here’s immediate access to some of our support documents and videos:

Here’s where you can find additional support:
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Why Specify Gore?

Leading OEMs have specified more than 10 billion of GORE® Portable Electronic Vents because they know our products and services can help accelerate their development of innovative and differentiated devices in fast-paced, highly competitive markets.

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Product & Application Leadership

Grounded in a deep understanding of materials science and acoustics, Gore can provide the optimum venting solution. We balance trade-offs between diverse problems such as adverse operating environments, immersion events and acoustic performance.

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Reliable Performance

To ensure products are “fit for use”, every Gore product must adhere to the highest standards of quality, performance and reliability. Through a comprehensive understanding of end-use applications and requirements, our products do what they say they will do.

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Fast Development

The mobile electronics industry develops and releases new products quickly. Our fast response to customer requests during the development process sets us apart. Gore supports this need for quickness with designs and prototypes to ensure engineering teams can meet their project timelines and their application requirements.

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Supply Security

Leading OEMS specify Gore because we have consistently proven our ability to quickly ramp up to supply vents for projects of over 10 million devices per year and to continue to supply high quality products on-time without disruption.

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Materials Science

Gore is a global materials science company dedicated to transforming industries and improving lives. Gore develops materials with microporous structures that provide desirable attributes and performance characteristics to engineer vents and other products used in a variety of markets and industries.

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Global Support

Our global teams of sales associates, application engineers, manufacturing engineers, and research personnel enable us to provide agile and robust support to customers around the world.

Case Studies

Read about how the GORE® Portable Electronic Vents team of engineers and scientists are working with customers to ensure delivery of the best possible venting, production and customized solutions:

Get additional case studies and resources for GORE® Acoustic Vents:
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