In late 2021, a major electronics company from Asia started to develop their flagship TWS earbud model. Due to the rising popularity of TWS earbuds at that time, manufacturers needed additional features to stand out from the growing competition.

Nevertheless, sound quality is and will remain the key attribute of TWS earbuds. As acoustic science is at the heart of Gore’s expertise, the OEM contacted us for support.


Our customer aimed for both maximum sound quality and reliable water protection. While Gore already offers a selection of waterproof acoustic vents, the OEM pursued superior acoustic transparency that required further innovation. Thus, our team reached out to a product specialist from the U.S. He suggested a brand-new membrane that would be a perfect match for our customer's requirements.

With the new material in hand, Gore engineers presented a solution that had an exceptional level of acoustic performance. The OEM was more than satisfied with the membrane’s performance, so we customized our material to their further requirements. To perfectly fit inside the smaller design of the TWS earbuds, our engineers decreased the size of the vent. Usually, such changes would lower the device’s acoustic transparency, but thanks to Gore technology, we were able to maintain its remarkable sound quality.

For the final part of the development process, we relied on close collaboration with Gore’s local Application Engineering and Technical team. That way, we were able to provide local technical support to the OEM’s contract manufacturer, ensuring seamless integration of our solution into the automated production line without degrading its state-of-the-art performance.

The Technologies Behind the Solution: GORE® Acoustic and GORE® Pressure Vents

Every project is different and requires a tailored solution. In this case, it was a synergy of Gore technologies that led to success: With their in-depth knowledge and unique ePTFE experience, our engineers combined the features from GORE® Acoustic Vents and GORE® Pressure Vents to fit our customer’s demands.

For specifications and more detailed information on both technologies, please visit GORE® Acoustic Vents or GORE® Pressure Vents.


With the combined knowledge in acoustic engineering, the joined experience from our global teams, and strong local technical support to the OEM’s contract manufacturer, Gore was able to develop a solution that meets all of our customer’s requirements. Here are the key results of the project:

  • Minimized insertion loss close to 0 at all frequencies up to 10 kHz
  • Sound quality exceeding the contract manufacturer’s expectations from tested materials
  • Achievement of IPx4 spray and splash protection
  • Seamless installation in the contract manufacturer's automated production line despite challenging tolerance
  • Strengthening of the relationship between Gore and our customer

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