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Blow Some Minds

New GORE® Acoustic Vents for Optimum Earbuds Design: Smaller Size, Better Sound.

Traditional earbud designs relying on open holes or woven mesh often do great in labs and out-of-the-box but leave earbuds vulnerable to contaminants that degrade performance and lifespan. To prevent this, leading earbud manufacturers turn to GORE® Acoustic Vents in search for a unique combination of uncompromised audio and enhanced durability.

New GORE® Acoustic Vents GAW348 and GAW350 meet this demand with a mind-blowing balance of protection, size and sound.

Give Your Customers What They Want: Innovation for Miniaturization

Consumers have clear priorities when it comes to earbuds: They want smaller size, better sound and robustness for everyday handling. But as earbuds shrink to accommodate new features, design teams struggle to maintain sound quality with traditional vents. With GAW348 and GAW350, Gore steps up to the challenge, delivering exceptional acoustics in smaller spaces.

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GAW348 and GAW350: Are You Ready to Blow Some Minds?

Designing new earbuds often means balancing trade-offs. With our latest GORE® Acoustic Vents, you don’t have to choose which type of performance is more important to you.


GAW348 Earbud
  • Best combination of IP67 protection and low insertion loss @ 1kHz
  • Significantly lower insertion loss with small I.D.s compared to other immersion membranes
  • Excellent particle protection


GAW350 Earbud
  • IP64 protection with the lowest insertion loss
  • Minimal impact on acoustics even at smaller vent I.D.s
  • Superior particle protection compared to woven meshes

Our Acoustic Vents for Earbuds Portfolio. Designed for You.

AttributesGAW333GAW337GAW342GAW348 (NEW)GAW350 (NEW)
IP Rating​ 
(IEC 60529)1
Insertion Loss at 1kHz3​1.1 dB​0.6 dB​0.7 dB​0.3 dB​0.1 dB​
Delta SNR33.2 dB​1.1 dB​1.6 dB​4.2 dB​1.3 dB​
Typical Acoustic Impedance428,000 Rayls​12,000 Rayls​56,000 Rayls​1,300 Rayls​200 Rayls​
Primary Acoustic Transmission Mode ​Reactive​Reactive ​Reactive​Resistive​Resistive​
Membrane Color​White​White​Black​White​White PET Laminate​

1 Immersion/spray performance can depend upon part geometry and stack-up.  
2 When incorporated into most devices.
3 SNR: Signal to Noise Ratio – mean with 1.6mm I.D. using a typical MEMS microphone system. 
4 Per flow resistance measurement.

For a more complete overview of our new vents’ mind-blowing specs, please discover our GORE® Acoustic Vents portfolio here.

GORE Acoustic Vents Earbud

Leading OEMs trust our acoustic vents for impeccable performance and reliability, ensuring superior acoustics, especially in high fidelity devices. 

Our acoustic vents for earbuds offer:

  • Low acoustic loss
  • Improved contamination resistance
  • Higher ingress protection (e.g. water and dust)
  • High-performing, longer-lasting devices

And last but not least: greater device reliability and lifespan, minimized environmental impact and enhanced comfort, fit and functionality for happier customers.

Innovative Solutions. Tested with Precision.

GORE Anechoic Chamber

We pride ourselves in providing innovative solutions that not only meet but exceed our clients' expectations. Our relentless pursuit of excellence drives us to continuously invest in expanding our knowledge and testing capabilities. Our dedication is showcased through our significant investments in acoustic capabilities, ensuring we adhere to the highest testing standards, guaranteeing the inherent reliability of our products.

From our expanded range of in-house anechoic chamber testing capabilities to innovative acoustic modeling and advanced particle filtration techniques, we are constantly inventing unique solutions that defy convention. At Gore, we are not just providing solutions; we are redefining the future of sound technology.


Not for use in food, drug, cosmetic or medical device manufacturing, processing, or packaging operations.