Highest Transmission Stability

Using innovative material technologies, GORE Bonded Telemetry Quad Cables provide the highest transmission stability for marine geophysical exploration applications.

Gore’s low dielectric constant, expanded PTFE (ePTFE) and PTFE materials enable the bonding of the quads. This reduces the overall diameter and weight of the cables. The result is a smaller outer diameter, enhanced floatation characteristics, and the highest signal integrity under mechanical stress for streamer cables.

The specific location of each insulated, silver-plated conductor bonded throughout the entire length of the quad maximizes the electrical performance and reliability during flex. Gore uses only the highest quality, multi-layered, concentric, and pin-hole free insulations over each conductor. Each material is compatible with streamer fluids, other floatation media, and can operate in wide temperature ranges.

The data transmission performance of GORE Bonded Telemetry Quad Cables remains high, consistent, and reliable throughout its life cycle. GORE Bonded Telemetry Quad Cables have over 5 years of proven performance and unsurpassed reliability in marine streamer cables around the world.

Size optimized cables with highest reliability

Key Features

  • Gore’s bonding technology
  • Pinhole-free insulation utilizing ePTFE and PTFE insulation material
  • No fluid penetration between components
  • Lightest weight
  • Smallest diameter

Key Benefits

  • Longer cable life (reduced overall costs)
  • Smaller streamer cable diameter
  • Highest signal stability under mechanical stress and movement
  • Reliable electrical performance in fluids
  • Low crosstalk
  • Lowest attenuation
Operating Voltage 600 V DC
Breakdown Voltage >1000 V AC @ 50 Hz
  • In air
  • In streamer fluid
136 ±5 Ω
128 ±5 Ω
Attenuation @ 10 MHz
  • In air
  • In streamer fluid
≤6.7 dB/150 m
≤7.3 dB/150 m
Insulation Resistance >200 MΩ*km @ 500 V DC
Temperature Range –100°C up to +200°C
Outer Diameter 4.6 mm
Weight 38 kg/km

For technical information on other gauge sizes, please contact Gore.

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