The demand for higher data rates is growing rapidly, and signal loss in printed circuit boards (PCB) is becoming more critical to the overall success of a system design. As a result, high-performance cables have once again become a vital component for designers of high-end computing applications to meet the electrical design budget.

GORE High Data Rate Cables provide a cost-effective solution that can be reliably used in computing, networking, and laboratory environments. Gore is the industry leader in delivering excellent signal integrity, controlled impedance capabilities, as well as reduced loss, crosstalk and skew performance. The unique insulation materials in our cables can withstand extreme temperatures while maintaining excellent signal integrity.


GORE High Data Rate Cables are engineered to perform reliably in a variety of computing and networking applications, including:

  • high-speed computing and networking
  • laboratory and experimental equipment
  • simulation and emulation equipment

If you have any questions or to discuss your specific application needs, please contact a Gore representative.


GORE High Data Rate Cables provide manufacturers with many benefits that improve electrical and mechanical performance such as:

  • excellent signal integrity, controlled impedance capabilities, as well as reduced low, crosstalk and skew performance
  • unique design that provides durable protection in challenging environments such as extreme temperatures
  • customized configurations available for many applications

For more information about the benefits of our cables, please contact a Gore representative.



Not for use in food, drug, cosmetic or medical device manufacturing, processing, or packaging operations.