Reducing the total launch mass of a spacecraft is a high priority when adding more payload. So wires and cables used for critical systems and subsystems must be as small and light as possible. They must also be flexible enough to avoid damage during installation and strong enough to handle the harshest launch and mission conditions.

Gore offers the smallest, lightest wires and cables for LEO applications without losing mechanical or electrical robustness. They’re qualified to ESCC 3901/026 specifications and registered on the Qualified Parts List (QPL).


GORE Space Cables, Type LEW are designed precisely to help reduce the spacecraft’s total mass and make room for more payload and other critical subsystems. They bring unique designs up to 27% smaller in diameter and up to 47% lighter than alternative wires and cables qualified to ESCC 3901/012. For a typical mission, you can save 35% of weight on average in spacecraft using Type LEW’s reduced diameters.

Our low-mass constructions also have more flexibility and tighter bending capability to give you new design and installation options in confined areas of a spacecraft.


Besides saving valuable weight, Type LEW is proven to operate continuously up to 600 Vrms while reliably transmitting analog or low-frequency signals from launch through mission duration.

Regarding durability, the robust materials in our wires and cables are chemically inert, thermally resistant and exhibit low outgassing. So they can easily tolerate extreme temperatures, atomic oxygen (ATOX), harsh chemicals and other demanding conditions typically found in LEO environments.


Built to operate reliably and continuously in the harshest LEO environments, GORE Space Cables, Type LEW are ideally suited for several applications, like:

  • analog/low-frequency signals
  • box-to-box transmission
  • power distribution systems
  • manned/unmanned space missions

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Features & Benefits

GORE Space Cables, Type LEW are engineered with unique features that make them more durable against challenging environmental factors and spacecraft conditions, including:

  • temperature- and ATOX-resistant materials
  • chemically inert materials
  • lightest construction with smallest diameters

Our reliable wires and cables provide spacecraft system architects and engineers with many benefits that improve electrical, mechanical and environmental performance such as:

  • proven LEO product qualified to ESCC 3901/026 and on the QPL
  • reduced total launch mass with smallest, lightest designs
  • continuous power distribution up to 600 Vrms
  • reliable analog or low-frequency signal transmission
  • excellent protection from extreme temperatures, ATOX, chemicals and more
  • new design/installation options from high flexibility and tighter bending
  • valued reliability delivered by ESA-qualified, ISO 9001: 2000-certified manufacturing facility
  • decades of 100% failure-free flight records in hundreds of global spaceflight programs

Are you wondering if your spacecraft system or sub-system could benefit from Gore’s Type LEW?

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Technical Specs

These values demonstrate the electrical, mechanical and environmental performance of GORE Space Cables, Type LEW for LEO applications.

Electrical/Mech./Environ. Property Value
Maximum Operating Voltage Vrms 600
Cable Jacket Material Single Core: Thin-Resistant Fluoropolymer
Multi-Core: Extruded Fluoropolymer
Multi-Core Cable Jacket Color by Wire Size
- /(28) Red
001/(26) Green
002/(24) Blue
004/(22) Black
006/(20) Yellow
Wire Insulation Material Thin-Resistant Fluoropolymer
Wire Color-Coding Single Core: Natural
Multi-Core: Black, Green, Natural, Red
Conductor Silver-Plated Copper or Copper Alloy,
True Concentric
Temperature Range °C -200 to +200

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Program Heritage

For many decades, Gore has provided reliable solutions in hundreds of global spaceflight programs with a 100% failure-free flight record. We work closely with major space organizations such as the ESA (European Space Agency) and NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) to deliver valued reliability from an ESA-qualified and ISO 9001:2000-certified manufacturing facility.

In 1986, the ESA qualified Gore’s first product for spaceflight. Since then, 10 of Gore’s products have been qualified to ESCC 3901/3902/3408 specifications and 11 are currently registered on the Qualified Parts List (QPL) — including Type LEW.

Our products have been used in many missions over the years, like the iconic 1969 Apollo 11 mission to the moon. They’ve also been used in other well-known programs, like the International Space Station, Space Shuttle Programs, Hubble Space Telescope and many more.

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How to Buy

For LEO applications in the ESCC 3901 class, Gore offers the lightest, thinnest solution with proven mechanical and electrical reliability in harsh environments. We manufacture GORE Space Cables, Type LEW in single wires, twisted pairs and shielded twisted cables in 21 variants ranging from 28 to 16 AWG sizes.

If you’re ready to buy Type LEW, get in touch with one of our trusted distributors for in-stock availability and specify ESCC3901026XXB with the XX being the appropriate variant number.

To learn more or discuss your specific characteristic limits and application needs, contact a Gore representative today.

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