Cable Performance & Specifications

To save valuable weight on spacecraft, wires and cables must be as small and light as possible to add more payload and install mission-critical systems and other vital subsystems. Still, these wires and cables must also be able to handle the harsh conditions of launches into space and extended LEO orbits.

Smaller and lighter, GORE Space Cables, Type LEW were explicitly designed to save weight and help reduce the total mass of a spacecraft. Fabricated in Gore’s ESA-qualified and ISO 9001:2000-certified manufacturing facility, these wires and cables offer the following advantages over competitors:


Our Type LEW brings unique designs up to 27% smaller in diameter and up to 47% lighter than alternative wires and cables qualified to ESCC 3901/012. For a typical mission, you can save 35% of the weight in spacecraft on average using our reduced wire and cable diameters.

They’re also more flexible with tighter bend radii, so you’ll have more design and installation options. And maintainers will appreciate how easy and fast it is to route them in confined spacecraft areas.


GORE Space Cables, Type LEW are backed by decades of global spaceflight program heritage delivering products with a 100% failure-free flight record. Throughout launches and missions, Type LEW distributes continuous power up to 600 Vrms while transmitting reliable analog or low-frequency signals without failure.

They also offer durable designs that are low outgassing, chemically inert and thermally resistant to extreme temperatures, atomic oxygen (ATOX), harsh chemicals and other demanding conditions commonly found in LEO environments.

Meeting Rigorous Standards across Space Applications

Qualified to ESCC 3901/026 specifications and registered on the ESA QPL, GORE Space Cables, Type LEW are an ideal small, low-mass solution with proven durability and reliability in LEO environments. Type LEW is the 10th Gore product qualified by the ESA and the 11th product registered on the QPL.

Typical applications include analog and low-frequency signals, box-to-box transmission, power distribution systems and manned or unmanned spacecraft.

How to Order GORE Space Cables, Type LEW

For LEO applications in the ESCC 3901 class, we offer a variety of single wires, twisted pairs and shielded twisted cables in 21 variants ranging from 28 to 16 AWG sizes. To learn more or discuss your specific characteristic limits and application needs, contact a Gore representative today.

If you’re ready to place an order right now, contact an authorized wire and cable distributor for in-stock availability and specify ESCC3901026XXB with the XX being the appropriate variant number.


Not for use in food, drug, cosmetic or medical device manufacturing, processing, or packaging operations.