GORE® Microwave/RF Assemblies for Spaceflight Applications

Gore’s heritage of more than 30 years of failure-free flight performance in over 100 spaceflight programs has proven that GORE Microwave/RF Assemblies maintain electrical and mechanical integrity in the harsh environment of space. Our lightweight assemblies are engineered to maintain electrical and mechanical integrity when exposed to shock, vibration, extreme temperatures and radiation.

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GORE Spaceflight Microwave/RF Product Portfolio

Coaxial & Microwave / RF Cable Assemblies

For more than 40 years, Gore’s durable solutions have delivered failure-free performance in hundreds of spaceflight programs.

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Space travel puts cable assemblies to the test. Equipment must travel millions of miles, withstand temperature extremes — and several thermal cycles over time — and endure harsh landings. Beyond retaining their mechanical properties, the assemblies need to perform well, capturing and transmitting data from spacecrafts back to Earth. There’s no quick fix in space; failure is simply not an option.

Since 1976, Gore has provided microwave / RF assemblies to more than 100 satellite programs with a 100% failure-free flight record. GORE® Spaceflight Microwave / RF Assemblies are specifically designed for use in the harsh environment of space. All assemblies use spaceflight-approved materials while offering assembly options, including radiation resistance, high power designs, low phase change cable and lightweight cable.

Gore offers spaceflight assemblies that operate from DC to 65GHz and cable sizes ranging from 0.047” (1.2mm) to 0.320” (8.1mm). Assemblies are available with a variety of connector options including but not limited to SMP and SMPM, MSSS™, SMA, 2.92mm, TNC and TNCA.

GORE Spaceflight Microwave / RF Assemblies are specifically designed for use in space. All assemblies use spaceflight-approved materials while offering assembly options including radiation resistance, high power designs, low phase change cable and lightweight cable.

GORE Spaceflight Microwave / RF Assemblies provide:

  • reliable signal integrity with excellent insertion loss and return loss
  • outstanding shielding effectiveness across operating frequency from durable cable construction
  • increased flexibility in design layout with robust, low-profile connector solutions
  • proven performance from qualification in integration, launch and in-orbit phases
  • Gore swept pin low profile 90° box connector design
  • Tefzel Jacket for radiation protection

The assemblies are globally available from our United States and European manufacturing facilities. Additionally, Gore’s worldwide engineering team provides sales and technical support.

If you have any questions about GORE Spaceflight Microwave/RF Assemblies, please contact a Gore representative.


We offer five families of GORE Spaceflight Microwave/RF Assemblies, each engineered for specific types of applications:

  • Generic Payload Applications
  • Low Mass Payload Applications
  • High Frequency Payload Applications
  • High Power Applications
  • High Density Applications

Gore cable assemblies have been integrated into hundreds of satellite programs and multiple launch vehicle applications.  Additionally, since 1976, our cable assemblies have been used aboard multiple Mars critical space missions, including:

  • Mars Rover
  • Curiosity Rover
  • Mars Pathfinder
  • Opportunity Rover
  • Spirit Rover

Gore has a long history of providing highly reliable cable solutions for the space industry. The 100% success rate of our cables demonstrates our commitment to collaborating with customers when developing reliable and durable cables for these demanding applications.


Learn more about GORE Spaceflight Microwave/RF Assemblies in a data sheet, a thorough product brochure and a white paper discussing the properties of cables that ensure peak electrical performance.


Not for use in food, drug, cosmetic or medical device manufacturing, processing, or packaging operations.

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