Cable Performance and Specifications

GORE Leaky Feeder Antennas for Civil Aircraft offer a durable construction thanks to Gore’s engineered fluoropolymers, which are inherently flame resistant and deliver outstanding flame and smoke protection. They’re also resistant to cut-through and abrasion and offer reduced exposure to wireless radiation. When compared to alternatives, GORE Leaky Feeder Antennas provide additional advantages such as the following:

Reduced Costs for Wireless Access

Thanks to their durable construction, Gore’s antennas don’t require maintenance for the life of the aircraft. With integrated hardware that runs multiple protocols through one antenna, they also offer a single solution that provides connectivity for various devices, whereas alternative broadband technologies used in aircraft require separate equipment for each wireless protocol. And because they’re lightweight, it all adds up to significant savings on operating costs, as well as a reduced quantity of wireless-N access points (N-WAPs) and better fuel efficiency from less total equipment on the plane.

Improved Connectivity

GORE Leaky Feeder Antennas for Civil Aircraft provide consistent connectivity across a broad frequency range, from 400 megahertz up to 6 gigahertz. They’re not only compatible with numerous communication standards, but they also dramatically reduce dead spots and offer uniform signal propagation for wireless access throughout the entire cabin. This makes for more satisfied passengers and provides aircraft personnel with the peace of mind that they’ll always have reliable signals.

Easier Installation

With only a single antenna required for access to a broad range of frequencies, Gore’s antennas allow for easier installation, both for new production and retrofit applications. They’re also more flexible than alternatives and resistant to damage that may occur during installation, such as abrasion and cut-through.

Meeting Rigorous Standards across Several Applications

Optimal for single-aisle and wide-body passenger aircraft, GORE Leaky Feeder Antennas for Civil Aircraft meet stringent industry standards, including Airbus ABD0031 and FAR Part 25.1359(d) specifications for flame and smoke toxicity. This makes them ideal solutions for applications such as:

  • Picocells for mobile phone coverage
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac and WiMAX
  • Connectivity to Bluetooth, DECT, DECT2, Globalstar, GSM, IRIDIUM Sat, MMS, PDC and TETRA products

How to Order GORE Leaky Feeder Antennas for Civil Aircraft

GORE Leaky Feeder Antennas for Civil Aircraft are available in various diameters, lengths and constructions. To learn more about Gore’s solutions or for assistance in selecting the best antennas for your application, contact a Gore representative today.


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