GORE® MIL-W-81822/1A Hook-up Wire

Gore’s thin-wall technology provides greater abrasion and cut-through resistance for outstanding mechanical protection in harsh aerospace conditions. Whether your function is power or signal, our MIL-W-81822/1A hook-up wires deliver excellent electrical and mechanical performance in a small, lightweight and flexible package that meets or exceeds civil and military specification requirements.

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Today’s military aircraft are exposed to increasingly harsh environments that can cause frequent cable failure — from high pressures, wide temperature ranges and vibration to sharp edges in small spaces. The costs and consequences can be substantial across the entire supply chain, including downtime costs, lost production, and expensive equipment replacements.

GORE MIL-W-81822/1A Hook-Up Wires combine an innovative thin-wall technology with high-strength insulation materials for added mechanical protection. In fact, the overall tensile strength of Gore’s wires (size AWG 30) is 48% higher when compared to standard PVC insulation. Our wires reduce the risk of abrasion and cut-through while maintaining consistent signal integrity in these challenging environments. They have a unique load-sharing capability that increases the conductor strength. And, they’re particularly resistant to cold flow at temperatures as low as -55°C.

Reduced Size and Weight

The smaller diameter and improved dielectrics of our wires reduce weight and increase flexibility with a tight bend radius, which makes initial routing easier in tiny spaces. The reason our wires are smaller is because of their thinner insulation that provides the same amount of protection while still meeting, even exceeding stringent civil and military specification requirements.

GORE MIL-W-81822/1A Hook-Up Wires provide outstanding electrical performance, durable mechanical protection, load sharing with the conductor, and reduced size and weight — resulting in less maintenance, downtime, and total costs over time.

Features & Benefits

We have engineered features for GORE MIL-W-81822/1A Hook-Up Wires that make them more durable in demanding environments. Features include:

  • thin-wall technology for smaller, lighter weight construction
  • increased flexibility
  • low-friction, chemically inert and non-flammable materials
  • greater abrasion, cut-through and temperature resistance
  • standard and custom configurations available

GORE MIL-W-81822/1A Hook-Up Wires provide manufacturers with many benefits that improve electrical and mechanical performance such as:

  • Excellent signal integrity in extreme conditions with wide temperature range
  • Enhanced durability due to chemical- and temperature-resistant materials
  • Longer cable and wire life with abrasion-resistant and low-creep insulation materials
  • Improved installation due to cut-through resistance that protects against sharp edges
  • Easy routing with smaller, lightweight and more flexible constructions

For more information about the features and benefits of our wires, please contact a Gore representative.


These values demonstrate the electrical, mechanical and environmental performance of GORE MIL-W-81822/1A Hook-Up Wires.

Electrical, Mechanical, and Environmental
Property Value
Voltage rating 300 Volts
Conductor size AWG 34 to AWG 12
Insulation PET
Operating temperature: silver-plated copper conductor -55°C to + 105°C
Jacketing color Solid Colors
Conductor material Silver-plated copper, silver-plated OFHC, silver-plated alloy 135, or tin-coated copper
Flammability Self extinguishing



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