GORE® Vents manage the internal pressure in mobile and outdoor electronics enclosures, packaging, and automotive components - supporting long service life, increasing reliability, and preventing deformations that could cause component failure.


Enclosures and containers are vulnerable. Vulnerable to failed seals, condensation and contamination. Vulnerable to leakage and structural failure.

How likely is an enclosure or container to fail? All it takes is a change in internal pressure that stresses seals. Even a change in temperature or altitude could cause a pressure change, or it could happen because the contents of a container outgas or scavenge oxygen. In the case of mobile devices, enclosures could fail if they’re inadequately protected against liquids, dust and other environmental factors. Whatever the cause, the result could damage a product’s performance and integrity, or even lead to an expensive product failure or significant clean-up.

GORE Vents keep the worst from happening. They allow enclosures and containers to breathe, equalizing pressure and reducing condensation while filtering out liquids and other contaminants. The result: greater product performance, increased durability, higher reliability and peace of mind.

Explore our "App Map" to see dozens of venting applications.

Explore our "App Map" to see dozens of venting applications.

Solutions Across Industries

Gore has paired our technological expertise - particularly in ePTFE, a highly durable and breathable material - with our understanding of venting requirements for automotive components, mobile devices, packaging, outdoor electronics and other devices.

Depending on the application, our vents can:

  • equalize internal pressure to prevents leaks
  • build a barrier to contaminants
  • manage moisture and condensation
  • preserve sound quality in acoustic components
  • enable devices to survive in rugged environments
  • contain challenging or hazardous chemicals in packaging
  • enable fluid dispensing from a container, even hot fluids

We design each vent specifically for its application. Once the vent is built, we thoroughly test it in real-world conditions. As a result, vents are designed to perform to specifications - the first time and every time - and deliver outstanding service life.

Vulnerabilities can lead to product failures, customer dissatisfaction and worse. Manufacturers depend on Gore to deliver venting solutions so they, and their products, can breathe easy.

No stress on seals - liquid and particles repelled - air passes through
reduce condensation - repel particles and automotive fluids - equalize pressure variations液体

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