Axles, limited slip couplings (LSCs), transfer cases and power transfer units (PTUs) must perform reliably under rigorous conditions like splashing, submersion or weather extremes.

While other venting methods can protect against most of these conditions, they can also complicate the vehicle design, cause manufacturing issues, and increase labor costs. Validation expenses may also be higher if multiple designs are required. Other venting methods may also add to the vehicle’s weight – making it more difficult to reach weight reduction and fuel economy targets.

GORE Automotive Vents for Powertrain Components deliver high performance in a compact, patented design that:

  • Blocks entry of environmental contaminants like dust, grit, dirt and mud
  • Prevents water intrusion by withstanding rain, sprays, splashes and submersion

This patented technology is also highly versatile: It’s a single solution to multiple challenges inherent in designing, validating, installing and reliably protecting Powertrain components.

For your Powertrain components, Series AVS 41 (Product Number VE2048) can:

Improve protection
Unlike other methods, ours delivers reliable venting performance that effectively blocks contaminants – like water, dust and dirt - that can degrade performance.

Preserve seal performance
Only our vents have the breathable GORE™ Membrane. It effectively equalizes pressure under both normal and extreme operating conditions, averting stress on seals.

Reduce weight
When you replace conventional vent tubes with these vents, you can achieve significant weight savings.

Simplify design
Our compact vents “design-in” quickly and easily, with fewer parts, space constraints and engineering challenges than other methods. There is no need for complicated routing; no need to keep our vent opening “above the waterline.”

Streamline validation
These waterproof vents can eliminate vent-related wading test “fails” and associated engineering redesign time.

Save on installation
Because our vents are fast and easy to install, you can save both time and labor costs.

Product Specifications

GORE Automotive Vents for Drivetrain and Driveline Components are extensively tested, evaluated and qualified to perform consistently and reliably.

These rugged Tube-Mount vents reliably equalize pressures, block contaminants and meet global OEM standards for water wading, vehicle rollover and fluid containment.

Please view our current Data Sheet for a more detailed description and complete product and ordering information.



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