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GORE® Foam Liner: High Roll-Off Series
GORE® Foam Liner: High Roll-Off Series - Our Highest Protection for Your Most Demanding Applications
New GORE® Foam Liner: High Roll-Off Series

Unprecedented performance for your most extreme challenges.

GORE Foam Liner: High Roll-Off Series - Our Highest Protection for Your Most Demanding Applications

GORE Foam Liners High Roll-Off Series (3FL-363G) delivers unprecedented venting performance, to enhance the safety of your most hazardous formulations in the most challenging circumstances.

GORE® Packaging Vents’ new High Roll-Off Series puts our most advanced membrane technology in a full-surface foam liner, to achieve a new level of resistance to container deformation and leaks.

The High Roll-Off Series means greater confidence in package integrity, and greater peace of mind about safety – especially for applications where your most hazardous or aggressive chemicals, agrochemicals, institutional cleaners or household chemicals are exposed to the most extreme conditions during storage, transport or handling.


A new standard for airflow

  • Outstanding roll-off characteristics deliver unprecedented ‘residual airflow’ (after contact with even the most aggressive liquids), due to a proprietary, roll-off optimized GORE™ Membrane that was designed to keep packaging safe and intact over its lifetime.
  • Full-surface construction delivers very high ‘initial airflow’ (prior to liquid contact), because the breathable GORE™ Membrane extends across the whole surface of the liner and promotes more rapid, continuous pressure equalization.



About WEP and LEP

WEP measures a vent’s leak-resistance to water. LEP measures a vent’s leak resistance to other liquids – which typically have surface tension much lower than water, so they may more easily penetrate the vent, even though water would not. LEP resistance to a given fluid is critical to preventing leaks in real-world conditions – as when a container falls over in transport or handling. Gore‘s High Roll-Off Series has been tested for both extremely high WEP resistance, and unprecedented LEP resistance to a wide variety of formulations with varied surface tensions and viscosities.

A new achievement in liquid resistance

  • Unprecedented Liquid Entry Pressure (LEP) resistance means greater leak-resistance during shipping and handling, especially for very aggressive, viscous or low surface-tension liquids that defeat other vents.
  • Extremely high Water Entry Pressure (WEP) resistance outperforms our prior technologies and complies with high regulatory standards.


For added peace of mind AND productivity

The new High Roll-Off Series truly is one solution for the most aggressive chemicals, for the most challenging real-world conditions, and for all flat cap designs.

  • Chemical manufacturers can feel more confident about the security of their hazardous, high-viscosity or low surface-tension formulations all along the supply chain, because the new High Roll-Off Series offers unprecedented performance and protection.
  • Cap and container manufacturers can streamline logistics and inventory, since the High Roll-Off Series is a drop-in replacement for other liners in all flat-cap designs, in a wide variety of applications.

The new GORE Foam Liner High Roll-Off Series (3FL-363G) is available as single-and multi-up roll goods, in various widths. Cut parts can also be offered.



GORE Foam Liner: High Roll-Off Series (3FL-363G)

Order Number CM700363G

Typical Application


Packaging Content

  • Hazardous Chemicals
  • Institutional Cleaners
  • Liquid Fertilizer
Product Performance Characteristics

Typical Airflow at dP = 12 mbar

0.4 l/h/cm2

Residual Airflow (after liquid contact)*

  • 95% measured with Gore Test Solution 1
    (viscosity 3.2 mPas)
  • 90% measured with Gore Test Solution 2
    (viscosity 9.6 mPas)

Water Entry Pressure (WEP)

> 2.7 bar

Liquid Entry Pressure (LEP)**

  • 2.0 bar with nitric acid (surface tension 41 mN/m)
  • 1.7 bar with n-Butyl-Acetate (surface tension 31 mN/m)
  • 0.3 bar with acetic acid (surface tension 27 mN/m)

Drop-Test Optimized



On lot level

Membrane / Liner Construction

ePTFE / PE foam


1.1 mm

Active Vent Area

Full Surface (Full diameter of liner)

Venting Method

Cap thread venting
(venting through hole in cap also possible)

Cap thread venting diagram

Wide Table

* We have tested the High Roll-Off Series with a wide range of fluids. Contact Gore if you would like to learn more about how different viscosities have a direct impact on Residual Airflow.

** We have LEP-tested the High Roll-Off Series with a wide range of fluids. Contact Gore if you would like to learn more about how liquids with different surface tensions have a direct impact on Liquid Entry Pressure.

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Our Highest Protection for Your Most Demanding Applications
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