AVS 120: The next-generation AVS 9

Designed to provide our highest diffusive performance for automotive exterior lighting, new adhesive vent AVS 120 can enable faster condensation clearing times from the same part-size as AVS 9.

A higher standard of performance from an industry-standard part size

Chart comparing diffusion and size of GORE Automotive Vents AVS 120 and AVS 9

New AVS 120 achieves a Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate* (MVTR) more than 14% greater than AVS 9, even though both parts have the same outer dimensions.

* MVTR testing was performed using recommended target frame openings.

Like AVS 9, AVS 120 provides life-of-vehicle performance

AVS 120 is designed to provide condensation reduction, pressure equalization and ingress protection that perform reliably over the life of the vehicle. Our proprietary GORE Membrane protects against ingress of fine dust, dirt and water. At the same time, our adhesive’s strong and durable bond to the substrate provides spray resistance.

And of course, the Gore logo on the AVS 120 membrane means you can be confident your exterior lighting applications will get the benefit of genuine Gore quality, reliability and durability. 

Potential to improve clearing times…or use fewer vents

With our highest diffusion performance, AVS 120 can enable faster clearing times compared to AVS 9 or other same-size vents. And, depending on your lighting application, enclosure design and venting configuration, AVS 120 may also enable you to achieve the same — or better — clearing times than your current venting solution.

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Not for use in food, drug, cosmetic or medical device manufacturing, processing, or packaging operations.