Automotive Exterior Lighting
Automotive lighting vents from Gore improve the warranty performance of headlamps, fog lamps, rear lamps and specialty lamps such as center high-mounted stop lamps (CHMSL).
75 percent of new cars worldwide rely on GORE Automotive Vents
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GORE® Automotive Vents for Exterior Lighting

Automotive lighting vents from Gore block water, automotive fluids and contaminants while effectively reducing condensation and allowing lamps to vent during rapid temperature/pressure differentials. The end result of using GORE® Automotive Vents is to potentially extend the reliability and service life of automotive lamps.

Automotive lighting design requires distinctive styling, advanced lamp technologies and lasting durability to win consumer approval and sustain customer satisfaction, across global markets. Today’s high-performance headlamps, fog lamps, rear lamps or specialty (CHMSL) lamps use sophisticated technologies — from LED or Xenon, to dynamic bending lights and adaptive systems — that demand highly-engineered venting development to ensure lamp performance and lamp housing integrity.

Advanced automotive venting products from Gore improve the durability and warranty performance of automotive lighting, by:

  • Keeping lenses clear / preventing dust, dirt and debris infiltration
  • Reducing clear-lens condensation through effective diffusion/moisture transport out of the lamp
  • Protecting lamp housings and lenses / blocking ingress of water, heavy rains, car wash solutions and other automotive fluids

Gore has partnered with global OEMs and Tier-1 lighting suppliers for more than 15 years to advance automotive lamp design and reliability. Rely on our lamp venting expertise to protect the integrity of your next automotive lighting solution.

  • Vents for Headlamps
    Patented automotive headlamp vents from Gore are proven effective globally in protecting clear lens assemblies from condensation, fluids and environmental contaminants. They help to improve service life, enhance consumer safety, and decrease warranty claims.
  • Automotive Fog Lamp Vents
    Fog Lamps
    Automotive fog lamp vents from Gore are used and proven reliable in millions of fog lamps worldwide. Our vents effectively manage extreme differentials in temperature, humidity and pressure, so fog lamps are better protected from environmental contaminants and premature failure.
  • Automotive Rear and Specialty Lamps Vents
    Rear Lamps and Specialty Lamps
    Worldwide, automotive rear lamps and specialty (CHMSL) lamps rely on the exceptional performance and durability of GORE® Automotive Vents to improve lamp longevity and vehicle safety. Our vents effectively reduce condensation and protect lamp housings from environmental contaminants, for longer performance life.


Not for use in food, drug, cosmetic or medical device manufacturing, processing, or packaging operations.

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