GORE® Fermentation Air Filters

High-retention GORE Fermentation Air Filters for Industrial Bioprocessing deliver high airflow with significantly less pressure drop, for improved batch yields, shorter processing times and reduced energy costs.

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Filtration Solutions for Life Sciences

High flow, hydrophobic expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) membrane air filters are designed to provide filtered feed-air free of aerosolized bacteria and bacteriophage for large-scale industrial bioprocessing.

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Reduce Pressure Drop to help Boost Productivity and Cut Energy Costs

GORE Fermentation Air Filters offer a higher-performance alternative to the trade-offs inherent in traditional feed-air filters for large-scale food, feed or industrial fermentation processes.

Traditional filtration solutions achieve high retention with membranes which may considerably restrict airflow, causing a significant pressure drop. GORE Fermentation Air Filters are a drop-in replacement that combine high retention with high airflow and low pressure drop across the filter.

Higher airflow. Lower pressure drop. Watch the video of our product team talk about how they developed an innovative solution to address productivity limitations and rising energy costs in the fermentation process. 


A Unique Combination of Properties Delivers Unique Performance Advantages

Save energy and improve productivity without capital expense. GORE Fermentation Filters for Industrial Bioprocessing can help you address rising energy costs and productivity limitations in the fermentation process. Watch a quick overview of this innovative product.

Product Comparison

Enhancing process capabilities while reducing energy costs

A specially-engineered GORE™ ePTFE Membrane is what gives these filters their unique performance advantages.

A unique microstructure

Our new membrane microstructure has the critical geometries necessary for high retention, high flow, and excellent service life. The GORE™ Membrane in these filters is engineered to let more air through the filter, with less energy.

SEM image of traditional ePTFE Membrane

Traditional ePTFE Membrane

SEM image of new GORE Membrane

NEW GORE™ Membrane

Significantly reduced pressure drop

With more air moving through the filter, pressure drop is lower. At the same airflow, GORE Fermentation Air Filters cause significantly less pressure drop than these conventional filters used for fermentation feed-air applications.

chart comparing differential pressures
Tested and performance-validated

GORE Fermentation Air Filters are manufactured to relevant current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs) and are 100% integrity-tested.

They have been fully validated to meet critical performance criteria, including:

  • Retention of aerosolized bacteria and bacteriophages in high-humidity environments
  • Retention after 200 SIP cycles
  • Hydraulic stress resistance
  • Thermal resistance at 60° C for one year
  • EU and US food-contact compliance
Long-term reliability

In one extended customer trial, the benefits of reduced pressure drop were maintained over the entire 2-year trial, and correlated with extended lifespan, since the GORE® Filters required less frequent change-outs than competitive filters.

chart comparing pressure drop over time