Filter Bags for the Chemicals Industry

Chemical manufacturing demands high, consistent throughput under challenging baghouse operation conditions. Membrane-based GORE® Filter Bags provide consistent reliability and long product life, meeting or exceeding production needs for demanding chemical processes like titanium dioxide, fumed silica, carbon black and catalyst production.

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Image of case study GORE® LOW DRAG Filter Bags – Lowered Emissions in Carbon Black

Particle and Gas Filtration for Industrial Processes & Bag Houses

A carbon black manufacturer faced a need to maintain filtration emissions to the lowest level possible to ensure regulation compliance and increase energy production  efficiency.

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Chemical manufacturing is driven by throughput. In order to meet chemical productivity demands, manufacturers require components that function reliably at a steady rate, and filter bags are critical to their processes. Filter bags must often withstand constant exposure to corrosive chemicals, high temperatures and moisture. They must endure mechanical stress from high dust loading and frequent cleaning cycles at high pressure — all while capturing as much chemical product as possible, day in and day out.

That is why chemical manufacturers use GORE® Filter Bags. They count on us to capture their high-quality chemical products at the lowest cost of ownership.  At Gore, we take pride in providing ePTFE filtration products and solutions that our customers value, offering money saving benefits such as …

  • longer filter bag life
  • less unscheduled downtime
  • higher productivity
  • lower emissions

Innovative Products for Chemical Manufacturers

GORE® LOW DRAG™ Filter Bags: Lower Resistance to flow has many possible benefits!

Producing as much product as possible is the primary goal of many chemical manufacturers. While all GORE Filter Bags provide excellent product capture, GORE LOW DRAG Filter Bags can potentially increase your throughput. How?

Recently Gore has developed a family of innovative new filtration materials called “LOW DRAG”. “Drag” is defined as the resistance of a filtration material to airflow. These new materials are inherently less resistant to airflow, and are therefore more efficient with respect to the amount of energy required to drive air through them during filtration. The key is improved cleanability, without sacrificing durability or particle capture, as shown in this short video.

Membrane comparison
Compare Low Drag Membrane with Standard Membrane

Instead of the “blinding” effect which causes an increase in drag during the life of other filtration materials, GORE LOW DRAG Filter Bags maintain high airflow levels (or low baghouse differential pressure) throughout their useful life. For a chemical manufacturer whose productivity is limited by the amount of airflow which can be achieved in the baghouse, this means increased throughput.

In fact, GORE LOW DRAG Filter Bags can be utilized in a variety ways for the benefit of chemical manufacturers. The most common benefits, as described further in this video, are…

  • higher airflow (higher productivity)
  • longer filter bag life
  • lower fan energy cost (operating at a lower baghouse pressure)
  • less filter bags

GORE LOW DRAG Filter Bags can be optimized to reduce your total cost of ownership by increasing product throughput; or, the baghouse can be optimized to increase the life of your filter bags.

GORE LOW DRAG Filter Bags — A Step Change for Carbon Black Production

GORE LOW DRAG Filter Bags are newly available for use in carbon black applications. This filtration solution for carbon black dust collection and particulate emissions provides the efficiency, high performance and low cost of ownership that other industries have experienced through GORE LOW DRAG Filter Bags.

These bags incorporate a new ePTFE membrane which is designed to drastically reduce drag, defined as the resistance to airflow in your baghouse. By optimizing airflow, the filter bags allow operations to run more efficiently with significant benefits for carbon black plant baghouse operators:

  • Lower emissions and sifting, leading to consistent regulatory compliance and improved downstream energy recovery'
  • Lower persistent differential pressure (dP), which enables longer bag life through reduced cleaning
  • Increased throughput and/or fewer required filter bags

Combining a robust filter bag design and Gore’s complete application and system optimization, GORE LOW DRAG Filter Bags enable plant operators to achieve extremely reliable operations that remain compliant, are easy to maintain, and have a low cost of operation.

Watch this video to see how GORE LOW DRAG Filter Bags improve baghouse performance in carbon black applications.

Learn more about GORE LOW DRAG Filter Bags.


GORE® Low Emission Filter Bags: Durable seam-sealing technology for the most challenging particle capture applications

When filter bags are sewn, the stitch holes create tiny holes in the membrane, which can become a leak path for extremely fine or free-flowing particles.  For applications in which this small level of emissions is unacceptable, Gore has developed GORE Low Emission Filter Bags. Each bag features a PTFE-based seam tape covering all seams where the filter bag has been sewn, closing all the stitch holes and preventing emissions from leaking through.

GORE Low Emission Filter Bags

GORE Low Emission Filter Bags have a PTFE-based seam tape that makes it virtually impossible for dust to leak through the stitch holes.

When exposed to high temperatures and harsh chemicals, other PTFE tapes will often peel or crack, sometimes making the dust leakage problem even worse than it would be without seam sealing. Our patented seam tape stays intact and in-place, lasting for the life of the filter bag. This truly innovative technology serves our customers well in applications such as these:

  • maximizing capture of high value ($/kg) particulates
  • maximizing capture of very fine or free-flowing particulates
  • meeting stringent emissions regulatory limits
  • contamination of sensitive downstream applications


More than 40 years ago, Gore invented ePTFE membrane-based filter bags that quickly demonstrated their superiority over conventional filter bags. Our reputation for reliability is based on many years of experience in the field, but starts with the materials which we use.  All our membranes are made from ePTFE (expanded polytetrafluoroethylene), essentially the most stable polymer on the planet. This material is

  • chemically inert
  • resistant to extreme temperatures
  • hydrophobic
  • mechanically tough

As the industry has evolved, we have worked to understand and continuously improve our filtration product designs, to meet and/or exceed our customers’ expectations. Over the years, we have perfected the form, fit and function of our designs. These qualities make our filter bags highly durable. Time and again, Gore Filter Bags are proven to last longer than our competitors’, which means lower maintenance costs, less unexpected downtime and lower overall cost of ownership for our customers.

Finally, we have a dedicated manufacturing system. Our worldwide manufacturers complete production of our filter bags by following our strict production and testing measures, ensuring they perform just as they are designed to.

Bottom line: Once your GORE Filter Bags are installed, you can rely on them to work as intended — during the first production cycle, and long after installation.

Unique System Approach

When you buy filter bags from Gore, you are buying a partnership with one of the world’s most trusted, time-honored manufacturers and a system approach tailored to your specific needs.

As part of our system approach, we:

  • determine, design and manufacture the filter bags that fit your specific application and process
  • analyze and optimize your total system performance
  • provide technical support and troubleshooting for the lifetime of the filter bags

This means you will receive expert support not just on bag design and installation, but also on how to optimize the flow and cleaning parameters of your system to get the absolute best productivity. This process-specific product design and applications engineering approach has proven to be the lowest risk way to optimize your system's performance.

We understand that you do not always have filter bag experts on staff. As your partner, we will be on call to get you back up and running if you experience any problems relating to your baghouse operations.

What Do Filter Bags Cost?

GORE Filter Bags deliver exceptional value. With our bags, you get:

  • highly innovative membrane laminates tailored to your application
  • extremely robust filter bag design and construction
  • a system approach optimized for your baghouse
  • technical support for the life of your filter bags.

When calculating what your filtration system will cost you over time, we encourage you to consider several factors that impact the total cost of ownership:

  • duration of product life
  • labor cost to install filter bags
  • costs of maintenance and cleaning
  • cost of lost production
  • purchase price of filter bags
  • cost benefit of lower emissions

We design our filter bags for each customer’s specific application. The following basic information will help us to help you quickly:

  • filter bag size, current material and quantity
  • baghouse operating parameters (e.g.: airflow rate, temperature, differential pressure)
  • particulate description (ideally including concentration, particle size, bulk density)
  • cleaning cycle parameters (e.g.: pulse jet pressure, cycle time)

Please contact us to review your application.

Success Stories

Filtering Grindings of Titanium Dioxide

A producer of TiO2 in the United States installed GORE membrane/heavy-duty polyester felt filter bags. As a result, bag life extended to 9–18 months, as opposed to the 2-4 months experienced with previously installed, conventional filter bags. Energy savings due to low DP was about $2,000/year, emissions became virtually non-detectable with 0% opacity, and the improved product recovery provided over $10,000/year of additional salable products. Additionally, less downtime and improved airflow equated to a production increase of over 10%.

Read the full case study.

Carbon Black Dryer Exhaust Collector Filtering

A producer of carbon black was experiencing major operational problems, including high differential pressure, visible emissions, and bag failures every three to six months. We installed 100% PTFE GORE Membrane / GORE Filter Bags. As a result, our customer experienced 60 months of continuous, problem-free service, with excellent pressure differential (dP).

Read the full case study.

Sodium Silicate Spray Dryer Filtering

A sodium silicate manufacturer was experiencing restricted production rates. Differential pressure in excess of 7.5" H2O had caused the baghouse casing to collapse. Increased product throughput would require approximately a $1,000,000 U.S. expenditure to enlarge the baghouse and require up to 24 months to appropriate the funds and complete the construction.

Instead, we installed GORE Filter Bags (Aramid felt). As a result, our customer exceeded their production goals without paying to enlarge the baghouse. The bags have performed consistently well for the past 12 years, with scheduled changeouts every 24 months — though bag life has reached 30 months. Since installation of the first set of GORE Filter Bags, the airflow has increased 30%, the differential pressure has not exceeded 5.5" H2O and the product throughput has increased by better than 60%.

Read the full case study.

Pulse Jet Dryer Baghouse

GORE Acid Resistant Aramid Felt Filter Bags have been successfully used for many years in dryer baghouses across a broad range of titanium dioxide products. However, in one industrial pulse jet dryer baghouse, a new line of grades with a combination of smaller particle sizes and increased flow ability was penetrating through the filter bags’ stitch holes — reducing product capture, increasing emissions, causing unplanned downtime and decreasing bag life.

To fix the issue, GORE Low Emission Filter Bags were installed. Constructed specifically to capture any emissions that may leak through stitch holes, these filter bags feature GORE™ Seam Tape covering all of the stitched seams.

As a result of the switch to GORE Low Emission Filter Bags, the emissions were eliminated. Particulate capture increased, boosting the baghouse’s efficiency and productivity and filter bag life increased from 4 to 18 months.

Read the full case study.

Product Comparison

Gore produces a wide range of filter bags that vary by material and resistance to temperatures, moisture, oxygen, acid and alkali.

We are offering the following innovative filtration solutions:

  • New GORE LOW DRAG Filter Bag. These bags are made from higher performing filtration materials, which have inherently lower resistance to airflow and offer a variety of in-use benefits.
  • New GORE Low Emission Filter Bags. These bags are seam-taped to prevent any leaks, allowing them to meet the strictest emissions regulations while providing the same level of quality and reliability as our standard filter bags.   
  • GORE® Catalytic Filtration Products for simultaneous reduction of particulate and vapor phase pollutants such as Dioxin/Furan, NOx, NH3 and VOCs.
  • Custom Filter cartridges

In most cases, GORE LOW DRAG and Low Emission Filter Bags are available in the same materials and with the same temperature-, acid- and alkali-resistance qualities as our standard bags. 

In addition, the following table describes our wide range of currently available GORE® High Durability Filter Bags.

Compare our range of filtering solutions, and contact us to discuss which solution is right for your industrial application.



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Press Release

GORE® LOW DRAG Filter Bag Released for Carbon Black Applications

Posted April 13, 2018

GORE LOW DRAG Filter Bags provide significant improvements in several key areas of carbon black baghouse operation, including: Lower emissions and sifting, resulting in improved downstream energy recoveryLower persistent differential pressure (dP), leading to longer bag life· Optimized airflow for increased throughput and/or fewer required filter bags.

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