Expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) membrane

GORE Microfiltration Media products offer an excellent combination of high flow rates and reliable retention of aerosols and particles, making them a top choice for filtration and venting in pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, lab and analytical, food and beverage, and industrial biotechnology applications. GORE Microfiltration Media meets the needs of the most demanding gas and solvent filtration and venting applications, thus delivering increased process security. These products set the standard for quality, consistency, and performance.

GORE Microfiltration Media products incorporate a proprietary expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) membrane that is resistant to high temperatures and a broad range of chemicals. The unique structure of the membrane consists of billions of continuous, interconnected fibrils and nodes. This robust membrane design allows for optimal particle retention and increased performance in critical microfiltration applications.

Product Features & Forms


  • Removal of microorganisms, aerosols and small particles
  • High flow rate and throughput
  • Inherently hydrophobic
  • Non-fiber releasing surface
  • Chemical resistance
  • Steam sterilizable
  • High surface area
  • Product consistency
  • Rigorous quality testing
  • Can be converted into many forms, including pleated cartridges, capsules, in-line filters and cut disks

Forms Available

For applications requiring additional strength and support, Gore provides supported membranes. These laminates consist of a layer of ePTFE membrane bonded to a non-woven backer material.

  • Membrane: ePTFE membrane
  • Supported membrane: For applications requiring additional strength and support and for improvements to device integration, Gore provides ePTFE membrane bonded to a non-woven support.
  • 0.2 to 3µm reference pore size
  • Wide range of air flow and liquid flow
More than 30 Years of Market Leadership

Through superior quality, worldwide technological leadership and customized product support, Gore has met challenging customer requirements for more than 30 years. Our design engineers and applications specialists can rapidly assess specific problems and offer unique, effective solution