Innovative Gore filtration technology creates a high-performance portfolio of products that deliver reliable, cost-effective solutions for air, liquid, gas and particle filtration.
Industrial Baghouse Filters
Optimize your air filtration system.
Industrial Baghouse Filters
Filters for Semiconductors and Microelectronics
GORE® Filters provide up to 3 times the flow rate of best-in-class filters without sacrificing retention.
ePTFE Membrane for Filtration
Turbine Filters
Our outstanding filtration efficiency keeps out 99.5% of contaminants, or more.
GasTurbine Filters
GORE® Low Drag Filter Bag
GORE Low Drag Filter Bag

Filtration Solutions

From high-volume industrial emissions abatement to processing ultrapure chemicals and water for microelectronics fabrication, Gore filtration technologies are the first choice for peak performance in critical applications.

Additional applications include: direct air-cooling filters for electronics cabinets, turbine filters for power generation, disc drive filters, microfiltration media for pharmaceutical processing, tubular back pulse filters for high flow rate solids in pulp and paper, or chlor-alkali applications.

Solid Liquid Filtration
GORE™ Membrane Filter Sock and Tube assemblies provide highly efficient ePTFE membrane filtration for use in tubular backpulse liquid filtration systems.