GORE® Aerospace USB Cables for Military Applications

Gore’s 2.0 and 3.1 versions carry more data over greater distances for faster content uploads and downloads while supporting the latest power management systems. Our sturdy cable bundles last a lifetime in tough military environments while continuing to meet the industry’s need for higher data rates in sophisticated avionics.

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Download technical information for our portfolio of high-speed data cables, including benefits, applications, properties, specifications, qualifications and comparison test data.

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The success of any military operation depends greatly on the flight crew being able to access critical information immediately without any signal interruptions or data glitches. They also need to charge their portable electronic devices as quickly as possible without any delays.

More Data Faster Over Greater Distances

With approved aerospace materials, Gore’s 2.0 and 3.1 versions carry more data over greater distances at faster speeds. They deliver dependable signal integrity for high-speed data transmission up to 10 gigabits, ensuring critical Intel is uploaded and downloaded in time. Our cable bundles also support power management from 9-32V systems so that flight crew can charge their devices quickly and easily. Just as important, they withstand the harshest aerospace environments because of the added durability in their construction, which means they’ll last for the life of the aircraft.

Both USB versions feature an exclusive cable jacket material and high-density construction that dramatically reduces diameter and weight. Our cable bundles are also highly flexible with a bend radius that’s tighter making routing easier for maintainers during installation in confined areas of new and existing aircraft.

Aerospace USB Cables for Military Applications

Engineered fluoropolymer jacket


Braided shield


Drain wire


GORE® ePTFE Binder


Color-coded ePTFE dielectric


Silver-plated copper alloy conductor


Long-lasting construction of GOREAerospace USB Cables, 3.1 version


GORE Aerospace USB Cables are engineered to perform reliably in a variety of military applications, including:

  • content loading
  • data transfer
  • digital video systems
  • electronic flight bag (EFB)
  • portable electronic devices
  • power remote devices

If you have any questions or to discuss your specific application needs, please contact a Gore representative.


GORE Aerospace USB Cables provide manufacturers with many benefits that improve electrical and mechanical performance such as:

  • faster data transfer for instant content uploads and downloads
  • dependable signal integrity for high-speed data transmission up to 10 gigabits over longer distances
  • less need for additional signal amplification in any system architecture
  • improved power management from 9-32V systems to charge devices quickly and easily
  • long-lasting service life due to high-density construction with approved aerospace materials
  • improved installation with smaller, lighter weight and highly flexible cable bundles with a tighter bend radius

For more information about the benefits of our cable bundles, please contact a Gore representative.


These values demonstrate the electrical, mechanical and environmental performance of GORE Aerospace USB Cables.

Property Value
Standard Impedance (ohms)
  High-Speed Pairs
  Low-Speed Pair
90 ± 5
90 ± 10
Typical Operating Voltage Rating < 15
Capacitance [pF/m (pF/ft)]a 50 (15)

Test Voltage (DC)

Skewa (ps/m) (within pair) < 15
Mechanical / Environmental
Jacket Material Engineered Fluoropolymer
Jacket Color White (Laser Markable)
Conductor Silver-Plated Copper Alloy
Conductor Color-Coding High-Speed Pairs: Blue/Yellow, Orange/Purple
Low-Speed Pair: White/Green
Power: Red, Black
Dielectric Material ePTFE/PTFE
Temperature Range (°C) -65 to 200

a Shielded twisted pairs only.


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