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Cell Phones

GORE® Vents for Cell Phones

High-volume handset manufacturers trust vents from Gore to enhance acoustic performance and reliably protect devices designed for consumer environments.

GORE Vents for Digital Cameras

GORE® Vents for Digital Cameras

Camera vents from Gore reliably protect against immersion and the elements, including dust, rain and splashes.

Mobile Handheld Computer Scanners

GORE® Vents for Mobile Handheld Computer Scanners

Handheld computer scanner vents from Gore effectively protect in harsh industrial environments, and comply with IP standards.

Other Portable Electronic Devices

GORE® Vents for Other Portable Electronic Devices

Manufacturers of portable electronic devices and accessories rely on Gore acoustic and pressure vents to boost product environment ratings.

Two-Way Radios

GORE® Vents for Two-Way Radios

Two-way radio vents from Gore deliver acoustic quality and reliable protection for demanding military, industrial and first-responder uses.

SMT EMI Gaskets for Mobile Electronics

GORE® SMT EMI Gaskets and Grounding Pads for Mobile Electronics

Mobile electronics require constant shielding to maintain their signal. Gore’s SMT EMI Gaskets and Grounding Pads for Mobile Electronics are durably built to provide highly reliable grounding and ensure electrical performance in mobile electronics like smartphones, tablets and gaming devices.

GS5200 Series

GORE® EMI Shielding Solutions: GS5200 Series

With a PTFE construction, gaskets in the GS5200 Series withstand environmental factors like weather changes and precipitation to provide superior shielding effectiveness in telecommunications and wireless infrastructure equipment.