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MIL-STD-1760 adapter cable assembly from Gore with connector from L3Harris®.

GORE® MIL-STD-1760 Assemblies for Defense Aircraft

The only sealed hybrid solution proven over time to solve common challenges with pylon installation and critical operations at a cost you can afford. Our certified assemblies with proven high flex life are easy to install and deliver consistent disconnect loads for mission success. They’re flight-proven on many airborne platforms, making them an ideal replacement for standard umbilical assemblies.

GORE® Ethernet Cables For Defense Aircraft

GORE® Ethernet Cables for Defense Aircraft

Providing superior mechanical protection, our high-density cables are proven to solve complex routing and flight challenges while transferring reliable data at high speeds without failure. We offer several slender, lightweight, highly flexible cable configurations and performance lengths that meet Cat5e, Cat6 and exceed Cat6a protocol requirements on airborne digital networks.

Gore Fibre Channel Cables

GORE® Fibre Channel Cables for Defense Aircraft

A durable, low-dielectric cable geometry that maximizes the performance of quadrax designs for more protection and weight savings than alternatives. Proven on many airborne platforms, these high-speed interconnects enhance noise immunity, improve EMI suppression and maintain reliable signals because successful missions depend on constant real-time data transfer.

GORE FireWire Cables for Defense Aircraft

GORE® FireWire® Cables for Defense Aircraft

The military continues to upgrade aircraft with modern avionics. Gore offers a durable copper-based IEEE 1394b FireWire solution that reliably carries high-fidelity signals and transfers high-speed data in extreme conditions. Our small-scale quadrax cables save weight, endure continuous flexing and provide long-term product life than other quad designs.

Gore’s fiber optic cables in a commercial aircraft cockpit.

GORE® Fiber Optic Cables for Civil Aircraft

We’ve packaged standard optical fibers in robust, space-saving designs with an exceptional balance of properties to meet aviation high-bandwidth requirements. Gore’s Simplex and ribbon versions offer improved reliability and longevity over competitors. They’re proven to transmit instant data and video for fast, secure communication and IFEC during the entire flight.

Quad Cables (Specialty Versions) for Civil Aircraft

GORE® Quad Cables (Specialty Versions) for Civil Aircraft

Precisely aligned with today’s high-speed serial data and video protocols, our specialty versions offer low crosstalk, tighter skew and controlled impedance. This low-dielectric quadrax geometry that we originally designed optimizes performance in avionics unrivaled by competitors. Our rugged, lightweight cables are proven to transfer fast signals even in the harshest environments.

HDMI Cables for Civil Aircraft

GORE® HDMI Cables for Civil Aircraft

Our cable bundles in two versions enable a higher resolution for increased clarity when pilots are viewing flight data in cockpits and passengers are watching IFE in cabins during travel. They meet the industry’s demand for higher data rates on airborne digital networks and systems in a small, low-weight construction.

USB Cables for Civil Aircraft

GORE® USB Cables for Civil Aircraft

Our sturdy cable bundles deliver non-stop signal transmission for instant data uploads/downloads in cockpits and cabins while supporting the latest power management systems for portable electronic devices. They continue to meet the industry’s requirements for higher data rate cables that can survive extreme environments. 

Ethernet Cables for Civil Aircraft

GORE® Ethernet Cables for Civil Aircraft

Proven to solve complex routing challenges, our Ethernet cables provide superior protection and performance in small, lightweight, and flexible designs. We offer several cable constructions that meet Cat5e/6 and even exceed Cat6a high-speed data protocol requirements on airborne digital networks. 

GORE-FLIGHT® Microwave Assemblies For Defense Aircraft

GORE-FLIGHT® Microwave Assemblies for Defense Aircraft

Lightweight, flexible airframe assemblies from Gore are a fit-and-forget solution proven to deliver the lowest insertion loss after installation, during use, and over time. Our rugged assemblies improve all aspects of protection and performance in demanding conditions ensuring mission-critical success, less downtime, and total cost of ownership.