Venting to Improve Performance, Value and Profit
Protective Vents for Solar Energy Systems - Applications

Solar energy systems are challenged by the changing demands of evolving technologies, by harsh operating conditions that can threaten performance, and by customer demands for decades-long service life.

Advanced venting solutions from Gore can help reduce engineering complexity and fabrication costs while maintaining higher system efficiency over the long lifespan customers expect.




GORE Protective Vents for solar system housings are engineered to deliver higher performance over the long term, helping solar systems to do the same. Gore vents:

  • provide rapid pressure equalization to ensure the seals maintain the original level of Ingress Protection (IP) rating over the life of the product;
  • block ingress of liquids and contaminants like salts, sand, or dust;
  • diffuse water vapor more effectively, minimizing condensation damage and improving system power output;
  • are available in screw-in, snap-fit or welded membrane styles for easy integration into any housing design;
  • are tested and proven to meet the world’s most demanding enclosure-protection standards including Underwriters Laboratory (UL), Technischer Überwachungsverein (TÜV) and International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).

GORE® Protective Vents can help your enclosure meet IP and NEMA protection standards. 

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Why Vent?

Electronic enclosures that are installed outdoors are vulnerable to a wide range of environmental hazards that can affect the performance, reliability and life expectancy of the sensitive electronics within.

Problems for Outdoor Electronics:
Enclosure seal

Pressure differentials are created when a sealed enclosure is exposed to rapid, extreme or recurring changes in ambient conditions. Extreme changes in temperature (a sudden thunderstorm on a hot, sunny day), altitude changes (in transit), or the constant heating and cooling cycle of an internal heat source – any of these can cause a pressure differential within a sealed enclosure. A rapid decrease in temperature, for example, can create a vacuum inside the enclosure. If this pressure differential is not dissipated, the vacuum places continual stress on the housing seals. Over time, this can cause seals to fail, allowing moisture and other contaminants such as dust, dirt and other particulates to be drawn inside.

Cloudy pane due to condensation

In addition to failed seals, moisture can get inside enclosures by diffusion – the process by which vapor moves by natural molecular motion through the walls of a polymer enclosure. When water vapor enters a sealed enclosure and has no way to escape, it will condense to a liquid state. If this condensation remains inside the sealed enclosure, it can compromise lens function and corrode sensitive electronics and battery contacts.

Reliable Solutions with GORE Protective Vents:

Equalize Pressures to Protect Housing Enclosures and Seals

Prevent Contamination to Protect Electronics

Reduce Condensation to Protect Against Corrosion

During normal operation and recharging cycles, batteries can generate heat and emit hydrogen or other gases. This can create a hazardous, or even explosive, situation. GORE Protective Vents effectively dissipate hazardous gas molecules. By continuously equalizing pressures inside and outside the battery compartment, they reduce explosion hazards, while maintaining an effective barrier to liquids and particulates.

Gas molecules pass through the membrane


Venting Solutions for a Variety of Solar Applications
Junction Box
Junction Box Water can cause corrosion and shorts to the electronics in junction boxes. By equalizing pressure inside the box, GORE Protective Vents prevent stress on the housing seals, so water cannot enter.
CPV Modules
CPV Modules The large dimensions of the CPV modules make them susceptible to pressure differentials caused by temperature changes. Installing GORE Protective Vents in the housing equalizes pressure and increases efficiency.
String Combiner Box
String Combiner Box Regardless of the size and volume of the string combiner box, Gore can customize a venting solution to ensure the reliability of the seals and gaskets, protecting the connectors from shorts caused by water.
Tracking Equipment
Tracking Equipment Exposure to water and other contaminants can compromise the mechanical components of the tracking system. GORE Protective Vents provide a barrier against liquid and other contaminants that can lead to corrosion.
Micro / String Inverter
Micro / String Inverter Corrosion can quickly damage the sensitive electronics inside the micro/string inverter. GORE Protective Vents prevent degradation by providing a durable barrier against water, oils and other liquids.
Monitoring Equipment
Monitoring Equipment Condensation can compromise the performance of control components. By allowing moisture vapor to diffuse easily, GORE Protective Vents reduce the potential for condensation inside the enclosures.


Product Comparison

Adhesive Vents

Adhesive Series

Screw-in Vents

Screw-In Series

Snap-in Vents

Snap-In Series

IP / NEMA Rating

Better Ingress Protection

Find out which of our vents can help your enclosure deliver the desired protection level according to Ingress Protection (IP) or NEMA Standards.


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Join us at iVT Expo 2022

August 31, 2022 - September 1, 2022

In partnership with Sealing Devices, visit Booth #918 at this year’s Industrial & Off-Highway Vehicle Expo in Chicago, Illinois, USA to learn more about our venting technology. We invite you to stop by any time to meet with the Sealing Devices team and to see our venting solutions for improving reliability while reducing design complexity.


PolyVent Stainless Steel Brings Premium Performance and Durability to GORE® Protective Vents Screw-In Series

Posted July 13, 2020

PolyVent Stainless Steel brings premium performance and durability to GORE® Protective Vents Screw-In Series. Its premium-quality materials and construction durably withstand the worst hazards: from aggressive industrial chemicals and cleaners to corrosion-inducing salty offshore environments. For added safety, a flammability-resistant GORE™ membrane (UL 94 VTM-0) and O-ring (UL 94 V-0) complement the non-flammable stainless steel body.


New GORE® PolyVent XS is 30% smaller, for more design options and easier integration into small, thin-walled outdoor electronics

Posted September 30, 2018

GORE® Protective Vents introduces PolyVent XS, for designers who want to achieve more sophisticated aesthetics in todays smaller, lighter-weight and thinner-walled enclosures. About 30% smaller in every dimension than Gore’s Standard and High-Airflow snap-in vents, PolyVent XS has a smaller diameter and a shorter “head” for less external protrusion – so it’s virtually undetectable when installed. Its shorter “legs” mean less protrusion inside the enclosure, for more room and more design flexibility.

Press Release

New GORE® PolyVent EX+

Posted November 29, 2017

MUNICH, GERMANY (November 29, 2017) – W. L. Gore & Associates proudly announces the launch of GORE® PolyVent Ex+. Our latest addition to the Protective Vents Screw-In Series is certified according to explosion-proof safety standards, IECEx and ATEX. This will allow you to sell your products globally with fewer certification efforts, saving you labour and testing costs. Plus, the PolyVent Ex+ offers you additional protection performance due to its unique design.

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