Take Off & Stay Connected, Protected & Safe

Gore Aerospace Cables

Take off with Gore’s high-performance solutions to stay connected, protected, and safe during every flight and mission!

Gore will showcase an impressive selection of new and proven high-performance solutions in compact, durable and flexible designs that are transforming travel and exploration today and for the future. For decades, the aerospace industry has trusted our products to ensure flight crew, passengers, military personnel, and astronauts stay connected, protected, and safe for the duration of flights and missions.

With rugged jacket systems, GORE® High Speed Data Cables support the latest open-source architectures and standardized protocols, like Ethernet, USB, HDMI and more. Passengers can upload/download content faster, watch high-definition movies/videos, and charge portable devices quickly and easily. Flight crews, military personnel, and astronauts can receive critical information in real time and view displays with high clarity.

GORE® Microwave/RF Assemblies maintain high-frequency bandwidth signals with low loss for satellite antenna communications and air-to-ground (ATG) networks. Passengers can expect constant WiFi access and mobile phone coverage while flight crews, military personnel, and astronauts can rely on constant communication with ground control.

When testing aircraft electronic systems, GORE® PHASEFLEX® Microwave/RF Test Assemblies provide precise, repeatable measurements and excellent phase/amplitude stability with flexure. You can always trust the results with our test assemblies connected to your equipment to ensure electronic systems will work properly during flights and missions.

For decades, GORE™ SKYFLEX™ Aerospace Materials have reliably sealed and protected aircraft windows, floorboards, and other surfaces. Approved for use on multiple aircraft, leading civil and military OEMs continue to specify these lightweight, non-curing tapes and gaskets.

GORE® Military Fabrics for flight crews provide versatile, mission-critical protection with comfort to safeguard them from extreme environmental impacts like wet, high-to-low temperatures, wind or undesirable liquids. Our durable, combat clothing systems enable flight crews to maintain operational focus and performance no matter the conditions.

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