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Universal Pipe Gasket

GORE® Universal Pipe Gasket (Style 800)

Reliably seal a broad range of flange materials with this low stress-to-seal, exceptionally dimensionally stable and chemically resistant 100% ePTFE gasket.

GORE® Gasket Tape Series 1000

GORE® Gasket Tape Series 1000

Easily and reliably seal glass-lined steel to contain aggressive media, protect equipment, and reduce emissions.

GORE® Joint Sealant

GORE® Joint Sealant

Versatile and easy-to-install, this 100% ePTFE sealing cord is a cost-effective solution for large steel flanges in general-use applications.

GORE Gasket Tape Series 500

GORE® Gasket Tape Series 500

This exceptionally creep resistant 100% ePTFE form-in-place gasket tape delivers worry-free sealing performance for large steel flanges.


GORE® GFO® Fiber

The right packing for reliability and savings.

GORE GR Sheet Gasketing

GORE® GR Sheet Gasketing

Exceptionally resistant to creep, cold flow and aggressive media, this 100% ePTFE gasket sheet reliably seals steel piping and equipment.

GORE® Packaging Vents for Biostimulants: No Bloating, No Leaking

Spills only look pretty in advertising. Keep your products and brand image clean – with GORE® Packaging Vents: no leaking, no ugly spills. 

Filter Bags for the Chemicals Industry

Filter Bags for the Chemicals Industry

Chemical manufacturing demands high, consistent throughput under challenging baghouse operation conditions. Membrane-based GORE® Filter Bags provide consistent reliability and long product life, meeting or exceeding production needs for demanding chemical processes like titanium dioxide, fumed silica, carbon black and catalyst production.

Geometric Shapes Signify that GORE® Performance Membranes Are the Perfect Fit for Your Gas Sensors.

GORE® Performance Membranes for Gas Sensors

Gore’s ePTFE membranes for gas sensors come with outstanding performance as gas-permeable protective membranes and as functional membranes in electrochemical sensor cells.

GORE Packaging Vents for Industrial Chemicals and Cleaners

GORE® Packaging Vents for Industrial Chemicals and Cleaners

Dangerous goods packaging must meet strict regulations for a reason: When hazardous liquids create dangerous overpressure or even leak, they could harm end users and the environment. GORE Packaging Vents for industrial chemicals and cleaners use roll-off-optimized GORE™ ePTFE membranes to enable airflow and prevent packaging deformations for even the most highly concentrated chemicals.