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Microwave Sealed Airframe Assemblies, 7 Series

GORE® Microwave/RF Assemblies, 7 Series for Defense Land Systems

Rugged assemblies from Gore are designed particularly to keep out water, vapor, fuel and other hazardous contaminants that can compromise critical mission systems. With a smaller, more flexible construction, our 7 Series is proven to provide exceptional mechanical and electrical performance unmatched by standard rigid assemblies.

Gore’s high-performance wire bundles.

GORE® High Performance Wires for Defense Land Systems

Bringing an optimal blend of mechanical strength and electrical reliability over time, these wire bundles give OEMs and program managers what they want and need. They deliver long-term stability, increase EV readiness, improve safety, and reduce total costs without adding size or weight.

Gore’s Hook-Up Wires For Defense Land Systems

GORE® Hook-Up Wires for Defense Land Systems

In difficult military surroundings, mission systems must be able to handle environmental and operational stress factors — and above all, not fail. With proven mechanical strength, Gore's robust hook-up wires maintain dependable electrical performance in a smaller, thinner, more flexible construction.

GORE® Ethernet Cables For Defense Applications

GORE® Ethernet Cables for Defense Air & Land

Proven to solve complex routing and mission challenges, our high-density cables provide superior protection at higher transmission speeds without default. We offer several compact, flexible configurations and performance lengths that meet Cat5e, Cat6A and Cat8 protocols on modern avionics and vectronics digital networks.

Gore Abrasion Resistant Cable Jacket

GORE® Abrasion Resistant Cable Jacket for Defense Land Systems

A revolutionary thin, fluoropolymer fiber material proven to meet stricter requirements for more durability, eliminating the need for additional protective sleeving. Our rugged jacket is the only reliable solution when defense forces want the highest abrasion and cut-through resistance to protect high data rate copper wires.

Gore Cable Protection Systems

GORE® Cable Protection Systems for Defense Land Systems

Extremely durable jacket systems with some of the highest levels of protection for packaging copper wires and fiber optics that OEMs and system suppliers want and need. They’re precisely engineered to resist crushing and abrasion in thinner, lighter, more flexible designs, eliminating damage from installation and operation.

Gore’s Tethered Drone Cables For Commercial And Defense Applications

GORE® Tethered Drone Cables for Commercial & Defense

Fly higher, see farther and do more with Gore’s durable, low-weight hybrid solution. Our cables give you more payload options, allow drones to fly higher and expand your line of sight or coverage. Built with high-strength and weather-proof materials, they’re proven to last longer in challenging conditions than standard cables.

Gore USB Cables

GORE® USB Cables for Defense Land Systems

We offer several versions that meet 2.0, 3.0 and 3.1 protocols. They deliver non-stop signal transmission for speedy content uploads and downloads at high volumes while also keeping carry-on devices powered. With sturdy construction, our cable bundles are proven to survive the most brutal environments they encounter, outliving alternative designs.

Quad Cables for Defense Aircraft

GORE® Quad Cables for Defense Land Systems

We invented a low-dielectric quadrax geometry that optimizes performance in military systems unmatched by alternatives. Gore offers cables with low crosstalk, tighter skew and controlled impedance perfectly aligned with today’s high-speed serial data and video protocols. They're proven to transfer real-time Intel for life despite operational conditions. 

Gore CAN Bus Cables

GORE® CAN Bus Cables for Defense Land Systems

Controlled-impedance cables from Gore meet the defense sector’s increasing high data rate needs in a compact, flexible footprint. Our durable cables keep their electrical and mechanical integrity in extreme conditions, giving soldiers a decisive edge and the confidence that systems transmitting vital data won’t fail during missions.