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Ethernet Cables for Military Land Systems Applications

GORE® Ethernet Cables for Defense Land Systems

Cables from Gore meet the military's emerging need for higher data rate cables in modern mobile digital networks. Engineered with a robust construction, our cables are proven to deliver superior mechanical and electrical performance in a small, lightweight, flexible and routable package that exceeds Cat6a requirements.

GORE CAN Bus Cables for Military Land Systems Applications

GORE™ CAN Bus Cables for Defense Land Systems

Controlled-impedance cables from Gore meet the defense sector’s continuing high data communications needs in a compact, lightweight and flexible footprint. Our durable cables ensure mechanical and electrical integrity in the most rigorous conditions, giving soldiers a decisive edge and the confidence that electronic systems transmitting vital data won’t fail during critical missions.

Shielded Twisted Pair Cables for Land Systems Applications

GORE® Shielded Twisted Pair Cables for Defense Land Systems

Gore's controlled-impedance cables meet higher data rate requirements in a low-profile, flexible design. Our durable cables ensure lifelong performance, so armed forces can focus on completing their mission instead of dealing with unreliable electronic systems that can put the entire operation and their lives at risk.

High Flex Cable Assemblies for Military Land Systems Applications

GORE® High Flex Cable Assemblies for Defense Land Systems

Gore's durable coiled assemblies boost protection and performance in a smaller form with maximum flexibility that exceeds Cat6a requirements and meets stringent military standards. Our assemblies deliver unfailing signals for high-speed data transmission allowing troops to receive real-time situational awareness to make quick, accurate decisions in the field.

Microwave Sealed Airframe Assemblies, 7 Series

GORE® Microwave/RF Assemblies, 7 Series for Defense Land Systems

Rugged assemblies from Gore are designed particularly to keep out water, vapor, fuel and other hazardous contaminants that can compromise critical mission systems. With a smaller, more flexible construction, our 7 Series is proven to provide exceptional mechanical and electrical performance unmatched by standard rigid assemblies.

Hook-Up Wires for Military Land Systems Applications

GORE® Hook-Up Wires for Defense Land Systems

In difficult military surroundings, mission systems must be able to handle environmental and operational stress factors — and above all, not fail. With proven mechanical strength, Gore's robust hook-up wires maintain dependable electrical performance in a smaller, thinner, more flexible construction.

USB Cables for Military Land Systems Applications

GORE® USB Cables for Defense Land Systems

Gore's 2.0 and 3.1 versions deliver solid signal integrity for fast content uploads and downloads while supporting the latest power management systems. Our sturdy cable bundles last a lifetime in tough environments while continuing to meet the military’s request for higher data rates in sophisticated mission systems.

GORE HDMI Cables for Military Land Systems

GORE® HDMI Cables for Defense Land Systems

Gore's 2.0 version transmits high-speed video data instantly while enabling troops to view critical Intel more clearly on the battlefield. Our cable bundles meet the military's continuing demand for higher data rates on mobile communications networks in a small, lightweight and flexible profile that performs reliably over a lifetime.

Fibre Channel Cables for Military Land Systems

GORE® Fibre Channel Cables for Defense Land Systems

High-speed interconnects from Gore enhance noise immunity and EMI suppression in a small, lightweight and flexible design. Proven on many military platforms, our robust cables maintain consistent signal integrity for high-speed data transmission in the harshest environments encountered on land.

GORE Fiber Optic Cables for Military Land Systems

GORE® Fiber Optic Cables for Defense Land Systems

Gore has packaged standard fiber optic cables in rugged, space-saving constructions that improve all aspects of performance to meet rising data rates. With an exceptional balance of properties, our durable cables reliably deliver high-bandwidth signals to transmit real-time data, ensuring maximum situational awareness in any military scenario.