NEW GORE Low Pressure Evacuation Vent

GORE Low Pressure Evacuation Vent for Battery Packs

Enabling Technology for the design of lighter, leaner battery packs.

Battery pack manufacturers across the globe are working to design optimized, reliable battery packs for battery-electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (BEVs / PHEVs). The battery packs of the future will require less space, volume, and weight than current designs, while still providing reliable protection for battery components during normal and severe driving conditions.

NEW GORE Low Pressure Evacuation Vent
This innovative, reversible, waterproof venting technology enables the freedom to design lighter, leaner battery packs to support future enhancements to electric vehicles.

The GORE Low Pressure Evacuation Vent For Battery Packs integrates three of the most important protection functions into one solution with fewer components and less assembly effort than current burst solutions in combination with traditional venting. By supporting the use of lighter materials, effectively managing over-pressure events, and continuing to provide reliable protection, the GORE Low Pressure Evacuation Vent For Battery Packs enables the freedom to design the battery packs of the future.

  • Supports a very low opening pressure and has a bypass function that remains reversible
    • Flexible, waterproof membrane supports an opening pressure lower than 2.5 kPa, enabling the use of lighter, less complex battery pack materials
    • Bypass function allows membrane to expand and release the over-pressure, then return to its original state during normal and severe operating conditions
    • Protects the battery components from intrusion from environmental contaminants such as water, automotive fluids, dirt, and dust
  • Manages over-pressures* associated with thermal runaway of a single cell or module through flexible membrane with bypass function
    • Properly evacuates toxic gases and relieves over-pressures caused by the thermal runaway of a single cell or module
    • Remains reversible, continuing to protect battery components from external contaminants after the thermal runaway, and could potentially minimize the escalation to a thermal propagation
    • In the unlikely case of a thermal propagation, where temperature and pressure are greatly increased, this vent effectively evacuates gases, allowing the driver and passengers to quickly exit the vehicle and move away from toxic gases
  • Upholds Gore’s reputation as a leader in reliability and durability
    • Facilitates pressure equalization
    • Delivers critical protection against the intrusion of water, dirt, and dust

*Dependent upon temperature and position of the vent on the battery pack

Product Performance Characteristics
Venting Airflow

17 l / h @ 1.2 kPa

Bypass Airflow in case of Evacuation

50,000 l / h @ 10 kPa

Bypass Opening Pressure (Reversible)

< 2.5 kPa

Water Entry Pressure

30 kPa / 30 s

Temperature Range (short term higher)

-40°C to +90°C


UL 94 V0