It’s essential to stay on schedule and within budget to get an aircraft into operation quickly — whether new aircraft are in production or existing aircraft are in critical heavy maintenance checks.

Traditional two-component materials, like polysulfide FIP wet seals are used in the industry for sealing aircraft structures. But the process involves extra steps to prepare and mix materials, apply materials within a short window, fit and re-assemble panels, remove squeeze out, wait up to an entire day to cure, and handle and remove hazardous waste. The impact can be substantial with time-consuming and labor-intensive steps that make it difficult to meet production targets, maintenance schedules and stay on budget.

What if you could speed up the process to install sealants without any mess and get the aircraft into operation quicker?


GORE SKYFLEX Aerospace Materials are dry tapes and gaskets that are considerably easier and faster to install on aircraft structures than messy FIP wet seals. Our single-component materials eliminate process steps because there’s no mixing and masking, no curing, no re-assembling panels, no cleanup after installation, and no special handling and hazardous waste disposal. With fewer process steps that take less time using our materials, you can get aircraft into operation quicker.

Dry vs. Wet Sealants

Review the table below to compare GORE SKYFLEX Aerospace Materials against other dry tapes and wet sealants.


Read this article on Improving Aircraft Availability with Alternative FIP Sealants

For more information about the unique features of our materials contact a Gore representative.


GORE SKYFLEX Aerospace Materials provide operators with many benefits that simplify aircraft assembly, and increase availability and throughput, including:

  • easier and faster installation from single-component, non-curing materials
  • less replacement and re-work of seals by maintaining performance over multiple open/close cycles
  • improved sealing of irregular surfaces with highly conformable materials
  • durable protection against mechanical forces, extreme temperatures, aggressive fluids, and other environmental hazards
  • no operator certification or special handling of materials required
  • low environmental impact and improved safety with non-hazardous materials

Applications & Guides

Proven by more than 20 years of successful applications, GORE SKYFLEX Aerospace Materials are specified by leading commercial, defense, and fixed/rotary wing aircraft OEMs. They’re engineered to perform reliably in a wide range of applications, including:

  • access panels
  • anchor nut gaskets
  • antenna gasket fastener seals
  • cargo floorboards/structure
  • dry-bay gaskets
  • engine cowlings
  • external fuel tanks
  • fairings
  • fuel bladder cavities
  • fuel panels
  • helicopter tail booms
  • lamp seals
  • leading edge D-noses
  • light assembly seals
  • passenger floorboards
  • pitot tubes
  • windshields / windows

Our materials are specified for use on many commercial and defense aircraft.

Commercial aircraft from OEMs like Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Comac and Embraer.

Technical Order approvals for defense aircraft include the following:

  • A-10
  • B-1B
  • B-52
  • C-5
  • C-17
  • C-130
  • E-3
  • EA-6B
  • E-6
  • F-4
  • F-5
  • F-15
  • F-16
  • F-35
  • H-53
  • KC-135
  • T-45
  • V-22

Download our application guides that provide examples using our tapes and gaskets, specific T.O. approvals, material requirements, and locations for installing our materials in defense aircraft.

For more information about the benefits of our materials, contact a Gore representative.

National Stock Numbers (NSN)

GORE SKYFLEX Aerospace Materials can be ordered through U.S. Defense Logistics Agency channels and authorized commercial vendors.

Download our list of National Stock Numbers (NSN) for a variety of defense aircraft.

For more information about the benefits of our materials, contact a Gore representative.

Installation Instructions & Videos

Installation is easy and fast using GORE SKYFLEX Aerospace Materials. Our tapes and gaskets are reusable and compliant over multiple open/close cycles, which means you can easily remove aircraft panels during inspection without having to replace or re-work our materials.

Download step-by-step instructions or watch instructional videos based on our best practices for installing, removing or repairing our tapes and gaskets.

Installation Instructions
Instructional Videos


Where to Buy?

Gore has authorized distributors to provide quick delivery and services that MRO and airlines have come to expect including AOG support.

Defense customers can order GORE SKYFLEX Aerospace Materials through standard supply channels and government authorized distributors.


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