NSN Numbers for Defense Helicopters

Available in various sizes of die-cut gaskets and form-in-place (FIP) tapes, GORE SKYFLEX Aerospace Materials offer defense helicopter engineers, operators and manufacturers with increased throughput and simplified assembly. They can be purchased for numerous applications by utilizing the following NSNs and Gore part numbers:

Access Panels – Seal from Environment (Water/Dirt)
  • NSN 8030-01-475-2005: Gore part no. GSC-21-95150-011
  • NSN 8030-01-454-7418: Gore part no. GSC-21-95261-011
  • NSN 8030-01-381-1584: Gore part no. GUA 1058-1
Chafing Strip for Landing Gear Door
  • NSN N/A: Gore part no. GSC-21-95062-010
Front Nose Cone Radome Center – Seal from Environment (Water/Dirt)
  • NSN 9320-01-682-5322: Gore part no. GSC-21-95265-011
Protect Structure under Floorboards
  • NSN 8030-01-611-6001: Gore part no. GSC-21-98024-022
  • NSN 8030-01-611-6002: Gore part no. GSC-21-98023-022
  • NSN 8030-01-611-6003: Gore part no. GSC-21-95946-011
  • NSN 8030-01-377-3084: Gore part no. GUA 1057-1
  • NSN 5330-01-591-9598: Gore part no. GSC-21-97327-027
  • NSN 9330-01-654-4555: Gore part no. GSC-21-97339-027
  • NSN 5340-01-568-4287: Gore part no. GSC-21-97337-027
Protect Structure/Panel Surface in Oily Areas
  • NSN 5330-01-669-8257: Gore part no. GSC-21-99607-027
  • NSN 5330-01-675-4707: Gore part no. GSC-21-99785-027
  • NSN 5330-01-675-2449: Gore part no. GSC-21-99787-027
Woven PTFE to Protect Structure from Fasteners (Camlocs/Screws)
  • NSN 5330-01-675-4699: Gore part no. GSC-21-98059-039
Body airings – Seal from Environment (Water/Dirt)
  • NSN 7510-01-552-9072: Gore part no. GSC-21-95269-03

How to Order GORE SKYFLEX Aerospace Materials

GORE SKYFLEX Aerospace Materials are available in standard or custom sizes with a variety of adhesives. Our application engineers will work closely with you to help evaluate the parameters of your specific application and recommend the appropriate series. To learn more about Gore’s aerospace materials, contact a distributor or reach out to a Gore representative.


Not for use in food, drug, cosmetic or medical device manufacturing, processing, or packaging operations.