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GORE PHASEFLEX Microwave/RF Test Assemblies

GORE® PHASEFLEX® Microwave/RF Test Assemblies

For test applications that require precise, repeatable measurements, microwave/RF test assemblies from Gore provide excellent phase and amplitude stability with flexure. Our rugged, lightweight assemblies deliver reliable performance with longer service life and reduced equipment downtime resulting in lower costs for testing in laboratory, production and field test environments. 

VNA Microwave / RF Test Assemblies

GORE® VNA Microwave/RF Test Assemblies

Gore’s assemblies deliver outstanding electrical and mechanical performance for extremely precise and repeatable measurements guaranteed with flexure. Our assemblies have a rugged, lightweight and highly flexible construction that enables longer service life, reduced downtime and lower operating costs over the life of the test equipment.

High Flex Round Cables

Round Cable For High Flex Applications - Custom Solutions

Gore’s cables deliver excellent electrical, mechanical and environmental performance in complex automation environments. With a proven flex life, our cables can be reliably used in applications where other cables fail. They deliver long-lasting results for reduced downtime, maintenance and equipment lifecycle costs compared to standard round cables.

General Purpose Test Solutions

GORE® Microwave/RF Assemblies, General Purpose Test & Interconnect

Gore’s high-performance cable assemblies provide reliable, repeatable electrical performance with proven phase and amplitude stability. Our robust, lightweight assemblies are extremely flexible and facilitate easier handling and routing for improved installation.

GORE® High Flex Cables & Assemblies: Cleanliness Grades 2 and 4

GORE® High Flex Cables & Assemblies: Cleanliness Grades 2 and 4

These low-contamination, low-particulation high-flex cables for vacuum and non-vacuum applications perform reliably over multi-million flex cycles, even at higher speeds and acceleration, for less maintenance and more EUV and DUV machine uptime.

GORE® Ultraclean Static Round Cable: Cleanliness Grade 1

GORE® Ultraclean Static Round Cables & Assemblies: Cleanliness Grade 1

These Cleanliness Grade 1 cables are developed and validated to meet the most rigorous EUV requirements for reliability, purity and signal integrity.

Low Charging Trackless Cables

GORE® Low Charging Trackless Cables for Semiconductor Production Equipment

Our next-generation cable technology is proven to prevent electrostatic buildup and reduce particle attraction for increased reliability and higher throughput in semiconductor and FPD equipment. An industry first, our high-flex trackless cables can be used in an ESD-sensitive environment without additional equipment or a complex grounding system.

Gore’s high-speed data cables for semiconductor production equipment.

GORE® High Speed Data Cables for Semiconductor Production Equipment

With proven high flex life performance, our cables maintain non-stop signal transmission for data and video interface protocols in complex automation environments. Lightweight and easy to install, they provide peace of mind when reliable system performance and equipment uptime are critical.

High Flex Flat Cable

GORE® High Flex Flat Cables for Semiconductor Production Equipment

Our lightweight cables provide a high level of cleanliness and smooth motion to improve positioning accuracy, cable management and signal integrity. They’re often used to eliminate an energy chain or cable track to help semiconductor fabricators improve throughput and yield and reduce maintenance and total cost of ownership.

GORE Trackless High Flex Cable

GORE® Trackless High Flex Cables for Semiconductor Production Equipment

Self-supporting cables eliminate a cable carrier track or chain and solve complex challenges with particulation, vibration, size and weight. Our lightweight cables offer smooth motion for increased positioning accuracy, faster speeds, easier install and cleaner operation. They help manufacturers reduce overall system footprint and increase throughput and yield.