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Profit from unparalleled airflow performance and greater reliability for your wearable devices.

Introducing GORE® Pressure Vents: Product Models PE14 & PE15

As the global market for wearable devices and particularly smart watches grows dramatically, Gore is continually developing advanced venting solutions to give your wearable technology the competitive edge. The new PE14 (Black) and PE15 (White) 5 bar Pressure Vents are the latest examples of that.

As you integrate more microphones, speakers and high-density batteries to your wearables, you face increased challenges with pressure equalization. These new pressure vents address that challenge head on with unparalleled airflow performance to ensure the reliability of your devices.


Product Models PE14 and PE15 provide:

    • PE14 (Black): 175 ml/min/cm² @ 0.07 bar minimum airflow target
    • PE15 (White): 235 ml/min/cm² @ 0.07 bar minimum airflow target

    When a stealth pressure vent hole is needed, PE14 Pressure Vent offers 5 bar water resistance capability with black color membrane. When high airflow is critical in your design, you profit from higher airflow and design flexibility with PE15. That’s something other competitors don’t provide.

    Wearable devices can be protected from water in depths of 50 meters for 10 minutes.

    No company has been trusted more than Gore to supply microphones and pressure venting products for mobile electronics supply chains. With billions of these components sold, we have an unmatched track record for high quality supply chain solutions and superior technical service.

Product Information

Characteristics / Performance PE14 PE15
IP rating (IEC 529, 2nd)a IP67, IP68 IP67, IP68
ISO rating (ISO 22810) 50 m water @ 10 minb 50 m water @ 10 minb
Typical airflow (dp = 70 mbar) 270 ml/min/ cm² 380 ml/min/ cm²
Reference thicknessc 0.29 mm 0.29 mm
Adhesive typed Acrylic Acrylic
Membrane type ePTFE
Membrane characteristic Oleophobic
Membrane color Black White
Support material PET PET
Adhesive temperature range -40 °C to 85 °C
RoHSe Meets threshold requirements


a IP ratings depend on housing design and part size.
b Extended immersion testing: 50 m water immersion for 10 minutes with back pressure on captive ring.
c Actual thickness may vary due to the compressibility of nonwoven, ePTFE and adhesive layers.
d A wide range of options available as a custom product.
e To the best of our knowledge, the parts listed above do not have any restricted substances above the maximum concentration values listed in RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU. This information is based on our current level of knowledge and does not constitute a representation or warranty beyond those contained in our standard terms and conditions.